Any positive changes for November leases?

Anyone find any new or increased incentives from manufactures for lease programs in November? Just was curious if any new cars could be added to the watch list. Thanks!

Nope- whole lot worse for everything.

Best bang for the buck right now are GM (chevy etc) incentives can be combined with costco promo and gift card.

Kind of surprising to me that we aren’t seeing anything better in November.

Hey the I8 incentives went up a little, haha.

I should’ve pulled the trigger this summer with the 2015s we’re going for $1200 a mo $0 down

It’s because everyone buys into the idea of all of the best deals being available at the end of the year.

An older BMW salesman told me once, “The best time to buy a car is when you’re ready to buy a car.”

I went through this song and dance last year, looking at things in October, and finding the car climate worse in November.

It appears to me, at least generally speaking, October seems to be a better month than November if you’re deal shopping as opposed to just trying to get the best deal on the car you want when you’re ready to make a purchase.

I have been told Dec will improve again for BMW.

So would you guys expect any changes this during the month? Or not until December?

The factory incentives may not have changed much, but you will definitely be able to negotiate a bigger discount from the dealer at the end of November and December. They have yearly, monthly, and personal goals to meet. They are also typically slow months, so that works in the buyers favor as well.

I am not sure who told you that, but no one knows what BMW is going to do in December unless you know someone in corporate. Most of the time BMW keeps its programs in place for 2 months, but who knows maybe December will be better.

Toyota have dropped their mf for the 2017 Rav4 hybrid. They say I can’t use msd’s with a promotional rate does that sound right?

I’m getting the same thing on the highlander…
Wondering the same