Any other car manufacturer besides Nissan doing 18 month leases?

I’ve seen on here that the Nissan frontier is being offered with an 18 month lease.

I believe Alfa Romeo also does 24 month leases.

Any other car manufacturers out there doing 18-24 month leases?

Nissan’s 18 RVs are artificially inflated for the last 3 months. So it doesn’t matter what ‘others’ are doing. Stick to a 24 or 36.

Ok, so no one knows other car manufacturers doing 24 months?

Most if not all will do 24’s. 18 uncommon

Porsche does. But most of the time an 18 month doesn’t make sense since most banks are not going to put a high enough RV on it or you need a really big discount. Really the frontier is the only vehicle in recent memory that makes sense on a sub-36 month lease.

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In the past during normal times, when your 24 mo payment was lower than your 36 mo payment you were getting a deal of a lifetime.

Leafs, Titans, and Pathfinders too.

Unless you had money upfront, 1k down during a 24 has 1.5 times the payment impact as a 36. 1k CCR is like what 30ish a month, while 1k during a 24 is more.

Yeah, I’m saying 0 down.

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