Any negotiating left? Payment too high! (2017 Equinox)

Hi All-after 2 days of negotiating over email and text, this is the best offer I’ve received. It is so far off what I’ve seen others get from the Equinox. Is it b/c the MSRP and my negotiated sale price is too high? It has many options like leather seats (heated), midnight package, sunroof, technology and is the LT model.

I have attached an image of my offer sheet. Any improvements possible? I have not asked about “one-time payment” yet, but I will once I get the deal better. Also, can you pay the one time payment with a credit card? Thanks for your input guys!


What are all those fees? Discount could be better.

I thought they were standard. He said registration doc fees everything was included. I think the high price is killing the deal, you’re right. I have to figure out how to get it lower after they were so adamant on not lowering any more

terrible purchase price
no less than 12%

its actually not far off, GM dealers aren’t giving huge discounts on cars, considering the massive rebates. Maybe another 750 off

check the data points on the internets …it is far off

Even with all the options I mentioned?

That’s pretty close to the bottom.

$2k off an equinox is strong - the challenge here is no one pay, acq still rolled in and NJ fees. If i’m not mistaken NJ has uncapped doc.

MF and acq alone are $1000 of it.

I have checked true car and many other engines, you are wrong, the best price ive seen was 2500 off in terms of a dealer discount.

You can try but unlikely. Most dealers will let you pay the items not rolled into the lease (like the license and tax) but not the monthly payments. So bring your credit card but also be ready to write a check

You have to be careful with TrueCar or any online print-a-price.

They skew their numbers heavily.

1). It’s up to dealer reporting on numbers
2). They can play with the numbers to reflect whatever they want.

TrueCar isn’t the bastion it’s made out to be.

This is correct.

It’s frowned upon to pay a loan (Lease) with a loan (CC).

Like the good old days

but some wiggle room on credit cards … hmm


I refuse to type 20 characters

As options are much larger profit center …yes with the options.

GM products are available at discounts beyond the typical 10% (before incentives).

Read this in its entirety

Do not heed the initial formula …its a bit shall we say out there



Depends on the dealer. Have done entire due at signing (first, MSD, etc) on CC before.

Have also done purchases where part of the down payment was made on CC (amounts comparable to the one-pay here or more).

Can you or anyone else decode what the fees are in terms we are familiar with?

Sales tax is what it is. Should be 6.875% of the totality of lease payments.

Initial fees and annual fees = doc and registration? Doc is what it is, you’ll have to go to another dealer or further negotiate the sales price down to account for such a high doc. It won’t go away. Registration should be lower than either amount. I know 3yr NJ reg is $289 + tire tax of $1.50 per tire. 2yr reg should be lower than either amount here.

Capped fees = acq fee? Should be $595 for GMF, right?

Talk to @Baggy or @boardwalknj to see if they recommend an NJ dealer who will give you better pricing without all this headache.

Is this NJ?
I got my Equinox just a few days back.
MSRP $33815
Selling price $31350 [Dealer discount of $2465]
$133 a month $842 at signing
I had $8200 in rebates through. $500FB
So if I discount that it’s $1342 due at signing.

My guess is you can easily get this car for $145 a month. Here is how –

Total capped fees should be Acquisition fee which is $595. So there is $200 markup in your quote
Total initial fees should be documentation = $400 (considering little higher than average for NJ). That’s a markup of $87
Total annual fees. This should be registration = $300 roughly. So that’s $140 markup
So $427 markup included in your fees.

Tell dealer to reduce the vehicle price by another $600. That’s something easily doable. You can refer to Edmunds to get the invoice price with the options that you are seeking.
Reduction in marked up fees = $450

With this, you should be roughly at $145 per month with $1123 due at signing. Which should be a decent quote for the car with options that you want.

Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone, awesome discussion from all angles. I did the Edmunds with the options and the price was actually what was quoted. This is a NJ dealer. I’m going to take your advice baggy and try to get a few smaller reductions and see where it goes. boardwalknj gave a good rec, did you also work with a dealer or salesperson you’d recommend baggy?

PS Farm Bureau? Did you just join for the lease? I’m seeing membership for students for $25. Looks like it might be worth it to get an extra 500 incentive