Any Mazda Dealers in NJ that allow you to apply MSDs

Hi all,

First time posting and didn’t have any luck searching the forum.

I’m in search of Mazda dealers in NJ that will allow you apply multiple security deposits?

I went to Ramsey and they said they never heard about it.

Thanks in advance.

Chase didn’t offer them, and in the 3 years since switching to TFS they may not have done one yet. Or you’re talking to a salesperson who doesn’t understand financing or leasing.

Try showing them their own website

Multiple Security Deposits are a section on the page, don’t affect any of their commissions and reduce your interest rate.

It may be more of an issue where only one or two people in the finance dept know exactly what it is, what to input on the deal screen to make it work right then anything else. Instead of saying, let me find out, they just avoid the question or point and attempt to give you the run around.

Make sure doing a one - pay wouldn’t be more financially beneficial then MSD’s first.

MSD is one of the last steps of hacking.

You need to rewind all the way back to what vehicle offers the lowest TCO to meet your needs.

Most finance managers (even the ones that know of them), just don’t want a deal that utilizes them. Mazda kicks deals back all the time with them and is really slow to fund them so every dealer I deal with tries to avoid them unless the approval requires a security deposit.

The other thing - in this market, they don’t have to do it to get the customer

Thanks for the replies. All of the information is really helpful.