Any lease opportunities Hyundai Veloster Turbo?

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Given the front-page story on killer Genesis leases, I wondered if the Veloster might be available for next-to-nothing. The model is four years in at this point and I’ve seen $23,000+ Veloster Turbos advertised by dealers in the $17,000 range.

I know that the Veloster isn’t a true ‘sports’ car, but my Sprinter 170 is exhausting around town and I’d like an engaging hatchback that is more comfortable than the wife’s Cooper S. With that said, here are my thoughts:

  • Veloster Turbo
  • Manual transmission
  • 10k lease would be fine
  • I’m in New Mexico, but Phoenix, Tucson, Salt Lake City, and Denver are all easy/cheap flights and drives

What sort of payment do the experts think that I could expect? I’m hoping that Hyundai is looking get some slower-selling models off the books. Thanks!

The Fiesta ST is the best value and fun in this class. Veloster is still a pretender.

Thanks for your thoughts, but with a Cooper S in the garage and having owned a Mazdaspeed and tuned WRX I’m looking for a comfortable-but-engaging ride rather than a full-fledged hot hatch. While a C30 would be interesting, the reliability, economy, and warranty of the Veloster Turbo appeal to me. All factors that rule out anything similar from Ford, GM, or Volkswagen.


Having driven an NA and Turbo Veloster there is nothing special about it, unique yes special no.

The most “mature” out of those is the VW GTI. IF price is an issue the GTI-S is nicely equipped, offers more room in general, larger fuel tank and similar mileage to all those cars.

There is nothing manic about the Fiesta ST, it is not a freeway cruiser however but if your doing the majority of the driving in the city/urban area it is by far the most fun car to drive and has serious push (more torque than the Veloster)

Reliability is not an issue it’s made up in people’s heads. I have a Hyundai Accent Sport manual trans hatchback (2015) and it’s been reliable and handles well, it’s just not fast.

The Cooper S is not fast, the Mazadaspeed is but with torque steer only seen worse in a car that isn’t for sale in the US (Opel Astra OPC). Volvo C30? I thought about especially with European Delivery but it’s kind of one of those hatchbacks that isn’t a hot hatch but is turbocharged, like the Veloster.

I am an enthusiast. It takes a special kind of tolerance to live with a WRX on a daily basis and it’s only recently got manageable. Subaru has fixed the terrible fuel economy problem and the new EJ engine is very nice and response well to mods.

If you have any itch to modify the Veloster you’ll be disappointed. The Fiesta ST kicks it’s butt, really, it’s not even close and you have a usable back seat, good enough for young family. I love the Fiesta, I just want more POWA so it’s the Focus ST or VW GTI for me.

My 2 centavos


Thank you for your thoughts. Maybe my title wasn’t as specific as it could have been (since corrected). I’m looking for thoughts on what sort of lease I could expect on the vehicle that I have chosen and how best to go about it:

I’d like to focus on the car described if possible. Thanks!

I am just looking to prevent buyer’s remorse. If you’ve driven the car (not spiritedly with a sales person aboard) and your happy with it, fine. But you haven’t driven a Fiesta ST with some preconceived notions about Ford build quality, seeing you’ve only owned Foreign cars then I highly suggest you try one.

It is on-topic, I’ve mentioned the Veloster each time. It’s not much better than my Accent, only slightly shorter in length and it’s faster obviously. But is it a better car than the Fiesta ST, no and you won’t find anybody but other VT owners to say otherwise.

My 2 cents.

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From Edmunds though I don’t know if the Lease Cash is still available -

.00064 (MF) and 55% (Residual). $2750 lease cash

Thank you for your help.

Any lease deals on the fiesta or focus st’s ?

Ford’s lowest MF .00021

This site’s front page deal assumed 53% Residual for a Fiesta ST and 12,000 miles annually.

Residual for a Focus ST is 43% assuming 10,000 miles annually

Red Carpet Lease Cash for the Fiesta is $1,600

For the Focus ST is $3,000

It depends what options packages you want, but do not settle for so-so pricing (near Truecar).

You can get cars for much less than the front page deals.