Any lease number for the Kona Electric?

Im looking to lease the new Kona Electric? Have you guys heard any number so far? Thank you in advance

Didn’t pricing literally JUST get released. There are no numbers out and it won’t lease well for at least 8 months

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Maybe…but if i remember correctly, when the Ioniq EV was released they came out with that bonkers lease offering (that to this day is still one of the best high mileage deals) at $300/mo with 20k miles per year and free fuel for 50k miles. Let’s not rule them out just yet…

Why 8 months? Just curious.

I’ve been shopping a Kia deal in the past few weeks, and the MF on these cars is horrendous but I’ve heard their ‘tier’ structure is weighted lower so more people get into Tier 1 for what that’s worth.

Not very helpful when the best available MF is equivalent to a 5% APR.

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Just a rough estimate that I pulled out my a**

hahaha, fair enough…