Any Interest in a 2018 Camaro LT Lease $399 + tax $1.800 DAS Orange County

I know you guys are going to blow up this post. Let’s try to keep it real. I have special pricing on my new Hot Wheels Camaro and a ZL1.

Email me for my lease offers on these other Chevy vehicles.

2018 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT 4cyl Turbo Garnet Red: Vin : J0153653
MSRP: $30,040
Selling price: $26,970
Monthly Payment: $398.89 + $30.91 (OC Tax) = $429.80
Drive-Off Amount: $1,800 o.a.c.
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00194
Residual: 51%
Available Incentives: No Incentives offered on this deal
Lease Loyalty/ Conquest available $500
Location:Orange County California
current offer expires 05/15/18 or while incentives and inventory are available.
Adolfo Moreno
Internet Sales Manager

They make a 4 cylinder Camaro now :roll_eyes:.


What’s the deal on the ZL1?

A lot!

Decent deal on an LT1 based on current programs, considering Camaros are a tough lease to begin with.

GMs 2.0 Turbo is a solid engine. In the Camaro, it puts out 275hp and almost 300 lb-ft of torque. This isn’t a 90s 4 banger where 140hp output was considered good.

Yeah I have no doubt the engine is solid and probably offers great MPG but there is no way in hell im buying/leasing a Camaro, which I consider a muscle car, with a 4 banger. Especially a “special edition” hot wheels edition. V8 with boat loads of HP, a loud exhaust or nothing at all. JMO. I know I can get that in the ZL1 or the SS but for the average joe that price tag is out of reach or there are better lease options.

Yeah, I get it. You gotta pay to play though.

Exactly my point, for a muscle car you need that roar. I hope I am wrong cause I havent seen one in person, but I am guessing its like those 150 -250cc sport bikes that look like a R1 or CBR1000 but have no sound…

Base pony cars have been NA V6s for ages…I’d rather have a turbo 4 if it had more low and mid range torque.

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It may be a good deal for a camero but you can get a lot more car for that much money elsewhere.

If any Camaro fan wants numbers on a lease contact me direct. I’m not shy about discounting these ZL1 I have.