Any Hackers w/ Aston Martin experience here?

Going to look at a Vantage and DB11 this weekend and I can’t find much info on lease dynamics with the brand other than some old press releases that their captive is(was?) Ally. Advertised specials are upwards of $20k down or other silly figures so I have no good basis for comparison. Anyone have any experience with the brand or can suggest resources?

Bump for one last shot. Anyone know anything on this brand?

I remember seeing 15k down, $1999/Mo, 5k miles on a 256k MSRP. The DB11 just came out not too long ago too so that doesn’t help. I know Aston started working with AMG to develop the engine and the new vanquish coming out is based on the AMG GT.

I’d try bouncing around on dealer websites. You might find some with lease details that you can work with.

Also consider an automotive news subscription (mine has lapsed), they have market support data including inventory/dealer cash as well as retail incentive money. On high line cars, its not unusual to have incentives up to $25k (think Maybach, back beginning 04-07, back then they were $50-100K).

Thanks guys. Dealer ads are out there but not realistic and I have heard Aston does not provide any factory incentives. In any event if I pursue a deal I will share with the community for our first DB11 hack attempt :slight_smile:

Oh what a time to be alive. From $99 leases to $400 F-Types to hacking Aston Martin DB11’s. I look forward to this


If you are in the NE I have a good dealer!!!

Just FYI, don’t kill me.

Yea the advertised offers seem to be a range of $2300 - $2600 monthly with varied cash down, 47% residual on 5k miles. Eeek

$15k down but I bet you could get this bad boy for close to 1% with some rich person negotiating skills

Hey BUMPING THIS! I am also looking for a DB11 but im pretty disgusted with the 3400$ a month i was quoted. Anyone know a good dealer?

here is the data i got