Any great deals on Bolts coming up? $100ish $5K prepaid etc?

California, NorCal.

Really looking to get a Bolt or other small EV for my college/working son. So really looking for those awesome lease rates. I see the bolt has dropped in price, but not seeing any of the lease deals dropping.

Really looking for low rent, I’ll sell my sons ICE car and get him into a Bolt… $5K prepay, $100ish a month?


Even with lower MSRP, the money factor is going up, and there are still supply issues. So I’m not a psychic, but I don’t suspect you’ll see anything close to that this year.


Yup. Those days are gone. The market doesn’t require anywhere close to that level of subsidy and manufacturers know it.

If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll come down below $300/mo effective payment.

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That news is about the 2023 which isn’t even in production yet. Most of the 2022 inventory is still being used for recalls/SoC.

The June programs are out if you check Edmunds - request them and plug in the numbers to see what’s realistic.

See also

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These don’t exist any more.

And your idea of putting $5,000 down just to get the monthly payment within “X” is a bad one.


I think he meant 5k onepay, or the equivalent of ~$100/mo but could be wrong

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I just checked with Phil in norcal this afternoon. 1lt bolt for effective 450. 2lt for 500. Take it leave it

The only way to get a decent EV lease deal in this market is with a car that qualifies for the federal tax credit (where the manufacturer passes it down to leasee) and the Bolt no longer qualifies for that and living in a state that has their own EV rebate

OP needs to spend more time on LH lol


or maybe not


What is this car?

Ice Cream Snow GIF by Paramount+


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Lmao accurate enough…

No Wankel?

Ah the good ole days of my onepays :cowboy_hat_face:


OP living in that 19’ new car bubble

You should look out for lease transfers. I sold my Bolt One Pay lease.

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