Any good sub $200 a month leases for September?

I need to pickup a sub $200 a month lease by the end of this month. 12K a year miles or above turning in a 2015 passat (that was ~180 a month 15K miles a year). Was trying to work up a deal on a terrain but still seem to be over $200 a month. One challenge is the VA TAX (4.4% of the sale price). Any suggestions hackers? Can be pretty flexible on the type of lease…

Use your VW loyalty ($750) to roll into a new passat or jetta. Should be able to get below $200 with the loyalty.


Jeep Compass, base tiguan

I heard fiat 500e’s can be had for under 200$

Kia forte5 hatch. Under 200 not as easy as it used to be, assuming only first month due.

I also heard that you should be able to get sweet deals on Jettas this month, especially with the $750 loyalty. Would love to know if you are succesful.

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The loyalty seems to only apply to the jetta and not the passat. Can anyone confirm…

Lesson to all. Please do not wait for last month to pickup a sub $200 lease. Shopping and negotiating takes a few months. Have you tried the perennial lease favorite Buick encore?


From what I’ve read the $750 loyalty is only good if you get a 2019 Jetta. I don’t think you can go wrong with another VW, especially with the partner program

You can get 2018 Sonata SE for ~$180 including tax without Boostup. If you have a bootup, that is $500 saving. Ask @drtodd for more details or help. I did not bite last month since I was planning on the $1000 Uber discount which is not available any more. However, I was able to negotiate the selling price down to $21K before adding $5000 lease cash and $400 grad discount. MSRP is $23,1xx.


Can you please please pm me with the dealers info I wasn’t able to find it for under 200 with just first month due.

Sorry I don’t know what is your location and I am not a broker. I searched in MN for myself and can make similar deal almost anywhere in MN. Again if you need help PM @drtodd.

Fair I think some of that can be done in advance but I struggle with programs changing monthly. Only half of a “leasehackr” worthy deal is the dealer discount. I feel like the other 50% is variable monthly programs. Both halves need to be aligned for that 1 in 20 leasehackr deal…

The under $200 target is a pet peeve of mine. Does somebody come to the $200 number through meticulous budget planning or because it’s a round number. Im going to lease this crappy car because it’s $199/ month and ignore the much better value lease because it’s just north of $200. Sounds stupid but people are doing this on here all day every day. I’m all for setting a budget and sticking to it, just try and be more cognitive when setting a target. $200 is an arbitrary number when it comes to budgeting. When’s the last time somebody said they’re trying to be under $234?


again fair. So lets say low 200’s. This is for my mother in law who truly needs an “appliance”

Haha. There is a reason why everything is .99, 2.99, 99.99. Even gas is like 3 dollars and 89 and 9/10 of a cent. Who came up with the 1% rule anyways? It’s clever, but also very general and arbitrary.

Why not another Passat? I see a lots of women in their 60s-70s in Passats; seems like a good appliance car.

I don’t think there is a more appliance car than the elantra, should be right around $199.99!

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