Any good sites for EV mileage results? Kia soul vs E-golf

1st time leasee. I’m trying to decide between kia soul and e-golf. Besides net per month cost, range anxiety is highest consideration. Any sites that rates these mileage results pretty accurately?

I don’t know of any, but your range is definitely going to vary widely just like ICE cars. In general, if your majority driving is city driving or stop-and-go traffic, you can probably expect more than the stated EPA range(due to regenerative braking). If you drive mostly highway and in a cold climate, expect lower range.

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I would check the respective owner forums for more info. I agree with the above, your range will highly depend on your driving habits and commute type (highway/city). I can’t comment on either of the vehicles that you mentioned, but my two EVs have very different results due to the fact that they are driven in different ways. My Focus electric is mainly for my commute, and I take local roads with numerous lights. The best result I’ve got so far in my first week has been 94 miles while the rated range is 76. My Model S is mainly driven on highways and for longer trips. I have always ended up with 10-20 miles lower than it’s rated range.