Any good lease deal for Virginia?

Hello, new to this forum but familiar with leasing. Was always leasing great BMW demo deals, but with recent BMW changes, thinking to look for other good deals and jump off BMW boat.

Current driving a BMW 5GT demo(came at 10K demo miles), MSRP 71,000, 12K miles per year, 3 years, 525 per month, 0 down with 7 Multiple Deposits…

Looking to add another car. Basicly needs to be luxury CAR/SUV, all wheel drive and 4 doors being must, all other options flexible. The deal shall be as good or better than my curent one. If someone have a good deal sell to Virginia, sell to me pls. :slight_smile:

You should check with your BMW client advisor and see if you’re eligible to use MSD as part of the east coast MSD grandfathering program.

Thanks. My good CA is in Georgia and he is not sure about east coast MSD,
and I don’t have a good CA near me. Partly why I am thinking move away from BMW.

I live in Virginia, but have had a very good experience with BMW of Catonsville - definitely worth the 45 min drive up to Baltimore from the DC area. Plus Maryland caps their Doc fee vs Virginia which helps too.

Let me know if you want me to point you to my CA.

that sounds great! PM?