Any good dealer buyer here in SoCal?

Got a Jaguar and two Jeep 4XE here in SoCal and would like to flip for a profit. The market values are higher than my lease buyout prices. What does everyone use? Vroom? Carmax? Ideally I want a dealer that doesn’t necessarily offer the highest price but one that can handle the sales tax for me.

Any dealer that buys these out will not have to pay sales tax. Tax is only an issue if you have to purchase them and then resell.

Issue here is that I believe the dealer payoff is different than mine, so I’d need to buy it off for max profit.

Are you sure about that? I don’t recall ccap or chase charging higher amounts to 3rd party banks.

Also keep in mind that if you buy out the lease and then resell it, the dealer has nothing to do with the tax you paid, unless you find a dealer that will accept the title from the lessor without it being in your name.

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Your choice, Vroom, Carmax, GiveMeTheVin and a few others here all handle the tax issues (if done as a lease buyout instead of a lease purchase)

Just see who will offer you the best check for the min amount of waiting time.

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