Any good deal at all for a family of 5? More specifics in post, thank you!

Hey Everyone,

I have a question - I’ll post more below, but basically, would anyone know of any good offer (buying or leasing) for a SUV/minivan in Georgia?

I thought I would ask here to see if anyone had any advice. Thanks!!

The cheapest 3rd row SUV I know of is ordering a Durango from @Clutch. All programs are lockable and they would know the payment before ordering.

The cheapest minivan lease would be a Pacifica hybrid order.

If they need something tomorrow, there are very few deals available for vehicles on the ground.


Thanks! They’ll be back early June, so looking for something around/before that timeframe. And yeah, we’re finding their options are pretty limited. :sweat_smile:

@Clutch is likely your closest broker with his southern dealer.

If you order now you could get lucky and receive the vehicle in 4-6 weeks, but I would bank on 2-3 months.

CDJR products are definitely the best values right outside of the Nissan Leaf or Frontier.

Keep us posted.

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Having done missionary work for the past 10 years, I wonder if they would qualify for a lease? What can they show for income documentation. Just something to think about.

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Thanks - that’s that then. Used car/suv/minivan it is as they’ll need it pretty much asap. I looked into just renting a car/suv for them for a month to help them get everything sorted out when they get here, but the cost is pretty high (~$1500+) and I’m not sure rentals include unlimited miles if you’re local.

Seeing the title of this post made me think that the Burger King Family Pack for $15 is pretty good for a family of 5, like 4 sandwiches, tons of fries & etc.

But nvm this is a car post, yeah a Durango, Sienna XLE and etc

First and foremost, put any thoughts of minivans and SUVs out of your sister’s head.

Apples to apples, minivan or SUV is waaaaaay more expensive than a sedan. A family of 5 on an extremely tight budget doesn’t need anything more than a sedan.

Look at the ideas posted in the “What would you buy for $10k?” thread, for example pretty decent Mercury Grand Marquis and Impalas with the 3.8L were posted there for $3,000-4,000.


You’ll get more relevant responses if de-vague-ify this.

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something used and Japanese probably fits the budget?

Having been following and shopping the cheap market for a while, I can tell you that, for some reason, used SUVs are a better deal than used minivans. Probably because of the glut of SUVs vs scarcity of minivan production the past decade+.
Search in dry parts of the country for larger SUVs. Just as an example, I’ve found a few Mountaineers with under 100k for under $7k. Gotta stick with the 4.6 on those, FYI. Sequoias can also be found in that range, albeit usually with more like 120k-140k miles.


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