Any GM owners getting pull aheads recently?

Just curious.
Two local sales managers (hard to believe them ofcourse) have told me they have seen very very few, if any pull aheads the last several months.
I have 6 months left on my Acadia lease. About a month ago I got something in the mail from GMC stating verbatim “Keep a look out for pull ahead deals up to 7 months before lease end”
I’m close to a deal on a new Blazer lease and just rolling in my remaining payments (long story, I’ll be going over mileage) I’m willing to wait for incentives next month or even December.
Anyway, just curious if indeed GM seems to be reducing their pull aheads.

I haven’t heard of any GM pull ahead offers for months.

That said, you have to be on the super secret “manifest list.” Nobody knows how or why you become eligible. Only way to find out for sure is to provide your VIN to your sales manager and ask him if you’re on the manifest list.

I can tell you, the pull-aheads, when offered are usually 2-4 months. I haven’t seen a GM pull ahead offer of more than that since the GMAC days. 6 months will definitely not qualify.

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So GM just ended the longest strike with the UAW since 1973. GM loses 6 weeks (or so) of production.

And you now wonder why nobody is getting a lease pull-ahead offer ???


They weren’t doing much in the way of pull-aheads even before.

Maybe they’re start a new trend of “keep it in” where they give you a break to extend your lease. “Like your car? Keep your car an extra 6 months.”

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Considering GM almost never holds its value compared to the RV, they’d probably be wise in doing something like this

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Especially anything where the dealers have less than 14 days inventory.

I received a pull ahead offer for 3 payments up to $1,000 in early October for my 2017 Acadia Denali lease that ends in January 2020.

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Did it actually come from GM, or a dealership mailer?

It was from GM/ GM Financial

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I received the same pull ahead offer with $1000 in Oct and my lease ends in April. Did yours have the extra cash as well?

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Interesting, did both of yours come via email?

Mine looked exactly like that with the extra cash on the same vehicles. I received an email and I believe we received a physical flyer in the mail.

That is from email. I’m not sure if I saw a paper one in the mail or not.

Looks like it’s targeted to specific lessors moving from one GMC to another. Thanks for sharing.

all my friends who leased GMC terrain in 2018 got this email.