Any discounts on orders

I am selling my Lexus gx to carvana had it for 6 months and getting a check for 11,270 I put down 3 to get it so 8,270 profit not bad, really considering ordering a Tahoe or Yukon I looked at marketplace but there’s really not a broker in Florida dealing with them dose any one now if I order one if I can get something off mrsp or a broker that can help?

I think you will be lucky to even get it at msrp. Trucks are hot!

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We have a couple incoming tahoe and suburban available!

MSRP? Or above?

There’s a reason you just profited $8720 on a car you’ve had for 6 months. Part of this reason is that you’re most likely not going to find a discount on a new model or even MSRP with all the market adjustments going on.

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Tahoes and Yukons where selling for MSRP before the pandemic.

Your best bet here is to find a dealer that will take supplier discount and not jack up the MF.

We are at MSRP!

there is your discount

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