Any deals on a 2016 BMW i3 lease?

Would last year’s 2015 i3 deal work in a similar way with the new 2016 i3?

Edmunds price promise is offering a price of $43,741 on a REx model (MSRP $48,245) plus $1,000 student/grad incentive.

Have the residual and money factors remained the same for MY2016?


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Here are the numbers for 2016 i3 (BEV or REx):

10,000 mi/year
30 mo: 56% (lower than the 2015, which makes no sense)
36 mo: 53%
MF: .00132

BMW doesn’t appear to be pushing the 2016s right now.

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BMW i3 sales have fallen quite a bit in Jan ( I just bought a 2016 i3 BEV in the Bay Area for 13% off MSRP. Message me if you would like more info/help.

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Can you please provide dealer contact info…

OK - I have no clue how to message but yes please provide the details. I’m looking for a 2016 BEV as well and would love to know where you ended up and where you started on price. Also what dealer, an email address of the person you worked with, etc… Might as well reward the sales rep for making a good deal with more volume!