Any deal for a non-electric car with less than $100/month in the bay area?

It’s awesome that one can rent a Ford Focus Electric or Chevy Spark EV for free or less than 100 bucks.

But the question is that both of them are electric cars, and cannot go further than 80 miles with one full charge.

Is there any good deal/incentive for a non-electric car with less than $100/month in San Francisco bay area?

a gas or hybrid car is preferred :slight_smile:

PS. I was attracted to this blog by the following two posts.

Californians: Free Chevy Spark EV Lease*

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Wanted to present another option, a 2017 Volt…Gets 42mpg and you can use electricity which is generally cheaper than gas but I have heard the bay area rates are expensive…For the pure base trim, you still get a backup camera, push button start, xm (have to pay) and 3 years of free OnStar.

At Freemont many are reporting $175/mo…The drive off is more tricky, you’d have to get a private offer from, and use the $1000 for the drive off…It would be $500 down (along with the $1000 private offer) and $175/mo but you’ll get a $1500 from Cali in 5-6 weeks…After the $500 drive off, $175/mo x 35 = $6125, then subtract $1500 for the incentive you’ll receive $4625 than divide by 35 months for a monthly net payment of $132…

It’s my understanding that California has exhausted all of their subsidies for hybrids and electric cars, and that you will be wait listed.

Yes, that’s what I heard too. Any idea what’s the possibility that CVPR can be refunded?