Any creative ways to use trade in value on a new lease & deal check

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We have a trade in (quoted $7K) but I wanted to check with the brain trust if there are other ways to apply the trade value besides as a “down payment”?

Once I return this car in 3 years, I’ll have lost the $7K trade in value with whatever I lease next.

Has anyone been apply the trade in value as toward MSDs? Or any other way that preserves / maximizes the value going forward?

Deal details below. This is the best I’ve been able to negotiate over the last 6 months. I’m happy with it but would appreciate any pointers to make it stronger. I’d like to use trade in value towards MSDs to further reduce my monthly payments.

2021 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum 7 passenger in TX zip is 78738. Not including trade in value and no MSDs the deal looks like with all payments capitalized.
MSRP - $62,525
Selling Price - $53,307.23 (includes all discounts / rebates)
Tax - $0 (covered with credits)
Fees - $1,343
Residual - 58%
MF - .00125
$0 down & 1st payment included. $0 walk out.

Going forward monthly payment is $639
Leasehackr score - 8.4
With 10 MSDs - 9.0


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You can have them cut you a check for the trade balance if you want. There’s no reason you need to roll it forward if you don’t want to.


That was easy. Didn’t realize that was an option. Dealers always ask if I want to apply it to the lease. Thanks.

As for the Volvo deal itself, what is the discount before all the rebates/incentives/lease cash?

It was $58,807. They added another $5,500 in discounts.

Nothing, nothing better than leaving a car dealership with a new car and a check. As long as your credit can support it, just tell them what you want.


They do that to make the monthly payment lower so it’s more “attractive” to you. You can ask for a check as @mllcb42 mentioned.