Any Chevy dealers on east coast under invoice?

Looking to order/build a Silverado WT, dealers in NY are all over msrp right now. Any Chevy dealers that are invoice or even under? I’ll travel. Thanks in advance

You can check on Pine Belt Chevrolet in Lakewood, NJ.

They took a GM supplier code from me not so long ago for a Camaro.

Ask for Todd.

Hmm, I don’t have a supplier code tho

That’s the only way to get at invoice lately.

what kinda deal does it get on a camaro?

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I have a contact in upstate NY

Was at a Cadillac dealership and they told me the only way they will honor GM Employee discount is if I trade a vehicle in. I have a lease with 2 payments left and they are offering $300 over buyout amount. Anyone know if this is true? I doubt it is but would like to verify.

They are not ‘forced’ to accept it. So they can make up a rule.

Thanks. Sounds about right. Dealership whining about not being able to make money on my deal with GM Employee discount. How bad is it going through carvana/carmax/etc? They were all in the 23k or so for buying my leased vehicle.

It it possible to use someone else’s supplier code if I don’t work for any of thr companies listed under thr GM Supplier code discount?

It has the name of the person. If you know someone who works for Chevy Directly I believe you can go with a Friends code. But supplier is for the person or someone who lives with them.

Edit : You can share 1 now…you get 2 and one is shareable.

If you know somebody who has a supplier code, they are allowed to “gift” upto 2 codes a year to a friend or family member. This is the usually the best way to pickup the discount if you can’t get it yourself.

Another possibility, is at one point, you could get the supplier discount by becoming a member of the National Corvette Museum. I cannot confirm or deny if this still works, but the Museum is still listed as a participant in the supplier discount program. See this article:

Just checked, wow you can, but it is limited to 1 now

Definitely different than Nissan’s or the others.

Yup, you have one year from the original supplier discount to be able to get it.

It should be easy to ask someone on here once you find a dealer willing to honor supplier. Just throw them a gift card or something, I would think most people would be receptive to it, rather than the code going to waste. Not everyone has family or friends buying a GM product within a year of their own purchase.

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