Any chances of getting an SUV with a total cost of ~$10K/3yrs?


Hey guys!
New to the forum and read a lot of the postings (and they are really helpful!). I’ve been in the market in a while and was looking to buy a new car initially but is now thinking about leasing. Just wondering if it is possible to get a deal like below that can meet my requirements:

Location: NJ
Body style: standard compact suv (2-row & 5 seats, with a “reasonable” cargo space >30 cu ft)
Brand/Model: doesnt matter. I’ll prob move to another state after 3 yrs and most likely wont keep this car. So as long as it wont break down within 3 years it’ll be fine.
Term: ideally 36 months. 42 months works too tho.
Monthly and down payment: I dont really care tbh. as long as the total cost of owning (everything I’ll pay out of pocket - except for insurance/parking) is around $10K in total.
Other info: my credit score is pretty good I’d say. its above 750 last time I check with FICO. I won’t be driving this car a lot so can probably assume I’ll go under the 7500-mile limit. This will be the first car in the household so I’ll prob not be eligible for some rebates.

Thanks guys! any advice will be appreciated!

Look for chevy deals

@AA-NJ has some Tuscon deals that are right about there, in NJ

thanks buddy! Do you by any chance know any good chevy broker here that I can reach out to?

I can get you into a 2021 rav4 le around 275/mo if you put msds down

Hi! thanks for your response. sorry I’m not quite familiar with all the jargons - what does “msds” mean?
and what’s the best way to contact you (email, phone # or inmail)

If an EV can somehow meet your needs, it will be the cheapest 36m lease in NJ due to no sales tax and post-sale rebates of $200*the vehicle’s electric range up to a max of $5,000.

Otherwise Nissan Rogue from the Marketplace or Honda CRV (check for benchmarks in Shared Deals)

Have you looked at Kia (Sportage, Seltos)? Raceway in NJ has good deals and has good customer cash through the end of this month. Destination Kia has $0 leases on 2020’s (Albany, NY).

I have Jeep compass latitude‘s that would be around 269 a month plus tax

thanks! unfortunately not a huge fan of EV lol
My mom has been driving a rogue for quite some years so I’m honestly a little tired of it. but will check out CRV

Thanks for your information! will take a look at both.

Your best bet is a Chevy Equinox.

Very attainable with your budget and a well equipped one (LT trim atleast). Should be around $250 sign and drive.

@Scareye_Zealot what he said :top: