Any car transport recommendation from MI to CA

Can you refer any auto transport company? I need to ship my car(2016 Mustang) from Detroit, MI to Los Angeles, CA
I got a quote from Andrew auto transport for $729 for normal shipping. Anything cheaper out there and anyone used this guys

Seems like a price that would be in the realm of normal but there are lots of variables including how nice your vehicle is, how quick you need it and covered/uncovered. Have you tried You can get bids or name your price and see if someone accepts.

I have a 2016 mustang ecoboost, so it is nice. Uncovered should be okay as well

Be careful about not having your car covered during transport. All sorts of things can happen like broken tail lights or headlights or other body damage due to road debris hitting it. Ask me how I know.

Also, make sure you take delivery during the daytime where you can inspect the vehicle.

Thanks for that insight. I will make sure to take delivery during day.

I just shipped my car with Andrew Auto transport for $764 and to my surprise car was picked in less than 2 hours after the order.

Currently the best option for car shipping is from what i know It works in such a way that you list the item you want to ship and then wait for offers. This really helps reducing the price of shipment

Look at

Instant online quote. Asks for your email to get the quote. But don’t worry they won’t spam you. Ive used them for years.