Any BMW Lessees with less ~6 months on a lease ready to get out?

Looking to lease a BMW 3/4/5 series under $400 (ideally under $300) a month for the next 6 or so months…

Don’t need too many miles. Wont be commuting so will like something fun to mess around with and return. Ideally, you’ve got tires in good shape on the car.

Bmw does not allow lease transfer in last six months. So you need someone with at least seven months on their lease :slight_smile:


Too much hassle for 6 months especially at that nice payment you looking for. I would just keep it. Plus dont you have to pay a transfer fee. Good luck thoigh.

Get a 12 month a minimum so that way the $500 lease transfer fee doesn’t get burned up so quickly (spread over time) and don’t forget the disposition fee $350 at the end.

So you’re “something fun to mess around with and return” is going to cost you a minimum of $500 + $300 + ($300 x 7 months) = $2,900.

Yea that doesn’t seem so fun now does it?

Have you checked Swapalease? There are some cheap 9-12 month deals there.

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@mung35 a lot of people trying to “lease trade” out on swapalease with less than a year left are people who have driven too many miles/month and are usually short on miles which is not enough for the average driver and they have a hard time getting out of the car. They know that if they continue to drive the car it puts them deeper into a hole so they’re trying to get out now. Since you don’t need a lot of miles anyway, you might find a good fit with 7-12 mo left on the lease. I would negotiate for seller to pay the transfer fee and the dispo fee (total about $850). Tires are a different problem but you can always try to find used ones with enough tread on them for cheap on CL before you turn in the car.

I agree with the strategy @305Hackr suggested. An extreme example would be this. You could buy 9,000 miles for $1,800 for the remaining 15 months (i.e. $120/month) and have ~600 miles/month for an all-in cost of $300/month assuming you negotiate the seller paying transfer and disp fee as well.


Thanks all - I’ll look into that!

WOW, there are A TON of bad BMW leases on that site. OUCH!

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There are a ton of bad EVERYTHING on there as well as any other Marketplace except here.

Some people really don’t know what they’re doing and/or roll a lot of neg equity into these leases.

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I think a lot of people just go in and go “OOH - how much for that one?”

I agree. I had a someone i know go get a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and only asked for monthly payment under 500 with nothing down. Some dealer actually kept telling him 530 the lowest he can do for a Laredo trim. He kept arguing and then went to another dealer. Got it for 460 a month for a Laredo. A few months later i got a fully loaded limited for 460 a month with first month as drive offs. (Not a crazy deal but pretty good given that not many rebates at that time.) Again, just to support that when people only focus on monthly most likely they will lose out.

I guess so. Math is hard…LOL