Another way to amuse yourself with Tesla's Autopilot


And here I was worried about someone putting on their makeup, reading a text or a book while using Autopilot. Now, there’s this…


Nah, nothing special. Some idiots do it in the old fashioned cars.


You know people do this stupid Autopilot stuff to get attention. Let’s not help them with it.


2 mil have already paid their attention to them on PornHub LOL


There was already an article about how autonomous cars will lead to even “more” people having sex while driving their cars. It seems safer than actually trying to drive while having sex at the same time.


why not just park the car? We all know what those dark tints are for


Did they do it while presenting the AP capabilities? Now that would have been something new…


I guess they kind of did…someone’s ass smacked the steering wheel and turned it off.


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