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Sorry to add another topic, but after scouring through a lot of them, I don’t see many posting about leasing in Virginia. I am on the hunt for a last minute 330i to lease for 3 years- 15k Miles a year and can’t seem to come across a dealer willing to deal and am curious if it is too soon in the month. Only getting 8-10% discount, but I am not going dealer to dealer, simply calling and emailing. Is there any reason to go directly to the dealer and will that give me the potential for a better deal? Nothing I read here says that is wise, but am curious as to why I am getting $550-750 on 2018 330i’s, some loaner and some not. Thanks in advance.

I’d go to nearby dealers that have the car you want in stock. It will show them that at least you are somewhat serious and also establishing some relation with them. Just don’t sign anything on the spot. If you are looking for 2018s then the inventory is decimated by LH brokers :slight_smile: , so dealers may not be willing to discount more yet.

8-10% is a decent first offer. Are you attempting to negotiate with them or just giving up and moving on?

You sure it isn’t 2019? That’s 2019 pricing for 330i and still too high!!

Thanks for the response. I am attempting to negotiate and being flexible on models, but no one wants to come back and offer a better deal, which is why I am thinking about showing up at the dealership and seeing if things change with me in front of them. Also, thinking VA taxes are preventing a great deal since all tax is upfront and rolling it in means an extra close to $100 a month.

2018, but yes, feels like 2019.

Not even close. $46/$70/mo on the $40k sales price for 36/24 months


Have you made counter offers?

Having a relationship with a sales person definitely doesn’t hurt, but in my experience it simply comes down to the sales manager willing to get aggressive. Email and phone should be sufficient. Cast a really wide net, contact every BMW dealer within driving distance on an in stock model that you’re interested in.

Have you tried MD? They have lower lease incentives than surrounding areas so seem to have a better selection but I recently learned they can get lease cash matched by corporate with a competitive quote.

I just got a family member a new $51K 330xi for $285/month with around $800 down and max MSDs there.

Use to find 330xis within 100-150 miles of you but know the inventory is dwindling fast.

Thanks for the tip, I am going to cast a wider net. Up to this point I have been looking within 150 miles. Let’s see if it helps to go out to 250.

I have tried MD, thanks for the website though. I have been searching on BMW site for dealers and the car gurus website has helped me find some additional dealers.

Yeah the upfront taxes aren’t the killer. Depending on jurisdiction, it’s the annual taxes. In most of NoVa You could easily be looking at another $70 a month on top of the $46-$70 Urus noted for year one. Year two is harder today to figure but probably another $40+ a month.

Doesn’t show on leasehackr calculator but you should definitely budget for these annual taxes.

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you have to search and email. i had a few dealers offer x2’s at 21% off. and a few 330’s at 17% just to start. I’m working on one for a friend and was able to get 20% on a 330 but the vehicle is in pa. you may have to travel to get the best deal

also if you go to PA, certain region has 4500 in lease credit compared to 3500 in the dmv area

Doesn’t matter… dealer can get the lease cash matched by corporate in a competitive situation with a different market.

how do you go about that cause i been looking in pa just for that reason since md was less

You need a formal quote with the incentives broken out separately for a similar car (including a VIN) and they can submit it to BMW for one off approval. The price in the quote doesn’t need to be better, just show the higher incentives. Just did it on 3 cars in MD

thank you. cause MD sales pricing has been better then PA/NJ so now I know im good