Android Auto Issue. How many USB ports in yours? - 2018 S90

I’ve been having issues with Android Auto and CarPlay lately so did some research. From what I’m seeing Volvo’s apparently need 2 USB ports in the center console to connect properly with a Apple or Android.

I have a 2018 S90 Inscription and mine only has 1 USB port and no headphone jack input. Apparently I need to get an accessory from Volvo and have them install it… WTF?!

From reading it looks like most XC90’s now come with the required 2 USB model but nothing about the S90. I haven’t had a chance to reach out to Volvo or the dealership where I bought it to find out exactly what’s going on and what exactly, if any, the cost will be to get the upgrad. I pretty much have zero leverage except I haven’t completed the customer survey yet. They have written me twice to complete it asking nicely I give them top rating in every category. Anyone know anything about this or have any dealings regarding this?

Link to Volvo’s site showing directions to install the 2 port USB accessory

I have 1, CarPlay works fine

The only reason I could see needing two ports would be if the USB doesn’t have sufficient power to both charge and use the phone, not all USB ports have enough juice for the newer phones.

And you should give them all 10s if you had good experience buying your car from them. It’s in your interests and extremely important to them. Not their fault if Volvo messed up someting.

I just put a deposit down on a S90 after the dealer told me that they would do the “software upgrade” that would add Android Auto to the car. But I’m pretty sure mine only has 1 USB port (it’s a Momentum, and doesn’t have the Momentum Plus package), so I’m very curious to hear what they are going to do. Maybe they’re going to add the part.

Out of curiousity, what “issues” have you been having? On my test drive, my wife noticed that this car simply didn’t have the Android Auto and CarPlay icons.

Here’s a bunch of other pissed off people: :frowning:

@Rizza36 so what I’m told by volvo is apparently this is an Android issue and not effecting CarPlay. But the Volvo report was not entirely sure about it and is getting back to me. She spent some time on the phone with me walking me through a number of steps but ultimately nothing worked. She told me that she herself was showing conflicting information about having 1 or 2 ports and thought all 2018’s should be coming with 2 ports.

TL/DR: she’s going to look into more, talk with her manager and technical folks and get back to me. But acknowledged theirs conflicting info right now.

Apparently it is actually a technical/software issue. I only caught half of it but the link on edmcman post you can see they talk about it in more detail.

@Ursus i know it’s very important to them and as they said a 10 is a pass and everything else is considered a fail.

I ultimately wouldn’t screw them because they were really nice and professional when I was their buying and taking delivery of it. I would simply try to remind them I haven’t completed it yet and if there is some type of fee I’d be hoping they could either do it for no charge or at least a heavily discounted price. Plus they also know I’m trying to buy a XC90.

It says that it’s connected but the tile is frozen so I can’t use anything connected to it. That means no phone, voice text responding, streaming music, waze, essentially everything dealing with the phone is dead.

It’s running like there is a serious memory leak (think old Firefox bugs) or it doesn’t have enough RAM and gives me a 5 min lag, the home screen will start to launch and stay halfway in place for 5 min then it will finally display the full home screen but it’s frozen. From there it’s a 50/50 shot if anything will happen. A few times one of the actions I tried, like changing to phone will restart the process again but ultimately still frozen.

If this is software, they will do it for free. And will most likely install free adapter, if required. Volvo should cover it, anyway, if the car was advertised as having Carplay.
From what you described above, it will definitely be addressed free of charge.

On my 2018 S90, I have one USB port and Android Auto works fine.

@DNJA I also have 1 USB port and it seems to work fine.