Analyze Deal Please: 2019 Atlas 4motion SE w/tech Rline

Hey was hoping to get some feedback on this deal I’m working. I’m working this deal directly with the sales manager via phone / email. Have not been into dealership yet.

MSRP $44,374
Sale price $40,625 (discount 8.4%)
36mo /12k
Residual 57%
MF .00151

Taxed incentives $500 first responder
Untaxed incentives $4,125
Effective price $36k
Tax 8.625%

Zero drive off

Monthly Payment with Tax: $480
Drive-Off: $0
Disposition Fee: $395
Total Lease Cost: $16,802
Leasehackr Score: 8.6 years

Thoughts? How much more can I squeeze the sale price? It’s been on the lot for 70days

I was in the Chicago area without the R-line, but you should target a discount of at least 10%. Here’s the deal I set up for a friend who was willing to pay extra to get his 1st choice in color. Incentive at the time was $2,425 and MF was .00138.

I was able to get the SE/w Tech 4 Motion with captains chairs, tow package for $360/m with $2k down, first responder/BJ’s membership discounts. That was for a 39m/12k mile lease.

Can you share some.more detailed #s please

I don’t have the MF/RV on me (I’m on vacation in Florida) but I worked out the deal with VW Bayside in Queens NY.

Enjoy vaca! I’m out on eastern Long Island, so I’ll check out Bayside. I’ve got the RV and MF already, curious what your MSRP and sale price before incentives was.

The car is supposed to be delivered today, however I won’t be picking it up until the 31st since my Lexus is due back early September and I still have 7k miles left on the lease.

What state? Can you please share the details when you can? Thanks