AMG EQS - Feel betrayed

I wish I found this site before I signed it.

'23 new AMG EQS, Grapevine dealer.
I never lease before (always buy), but due to concern to GAP insurance, we decided to just lease this.
Now I feel so dumb of paying this much for a lease:

  1. Am I being scammed? I thought I read everything, but I didn’t understand about the ‘Rent Charge’?
  2. Is there maybe a way out of this?

Thanks for all your help…


This isn’t real

This can’t be real



You would get 1s in the survey and be on suicide watch my guy


I would’t care about CSI

If you are making 3k-5k a car who cares


Have to be trolling. At least I really hope so.

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I feel like your personal code of morals and ethics would prevent you from having a customer sign this.

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You didn’t get scammed… just signed a very tough (bad) deal. Rent charge is basically “interest” on a lease. Enjoy the car and the ride…

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No this def has to be fake. AINT NO WAY LOL


Texas car, so taxes is included. Is it even possible? Max MF?

36 mth/12k… brutal. And this was signed a year ago

It’s raining pretty heavy right now in DFW…

Look Away Uh Oh GIF by U.S. Figure Skating


I think this car is going to end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Total lease payments (by the lessee) = $113,675. I’m never going to go to Grapevine, TX.

Ill get you a job here


No way out of it. Just ride it out and next time, ask before you sign. In general, when you’re about to get a car, just think about whether it’s actually worth what they put in front of you. It may be a great deal for a specific car, but doesn’t mean it’s actually worth it.

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Being totaled will actually be a blessing in disguise :sweat_smile:


Wowwwwwwwwwww. What’s the full numbers/calculators on this guy? I’m too lazy to reverse math.

First, I thought that it’s worth it, especially since I’m planning to keep it for at least 8 years (buy out at the end). But then I see the price is plummeting like crazy.
Perhaps should’ve waited for pre-owned.
If I swap with another lease (unlikely another MB, I’m done with the brand), will I need to carry the negative equity and/or the penalty?

My question: is that ‘Rent Charge’ actually something that didn’t need to be put in there? (Basically, pure profit for the dealer and/or the salesperson).
I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong with those figures.
If I’m trying to get out of this lease, do I need to pay for penalty and/or negative equity on this plummeting AMG?

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This is the closest I’m going to get for now… the taxes are a real buzzkill. But this was a full MSRP deal and then only the EV incentive coming in as customer cash.

@delta737h can probably make the resid and MF more precise to peg exactly to the monthly payment heh.

Edit: sorry I had to update the resid and MF since I was mistakenly using this month’s resid instead of 12 month ago’s resid. The MF was likely marked up.


That’s interest you pay on the lease.

Very impressive…