Amex Plat - 150K Bonus Point; Gold - 90K Referrals

Hey Leasehackr community,
I won’t share these publicly; but I do have the targeted offer where if you are a new American Express customer and get approved for a card through my referral link, you can get:

  1. Personal Platinum - 150K Bonus points after $6k in purchases within 6 months; 10x points on restaurants up to $25k for first 6 months.

The current public offer is for 100K points

  1. Personal Gold - 90K Bonus Points after $4k in purchases within 6 months. 20% cashback from restaurants up to $250 for first 12 months.

The current public offer is for 60K points.


Since it seems a lot of members could be helped out by these offers I checked my other cards for special referral offers and I also have one for the:

  1. Delta Amex Platinum Card - 90k bonus miles with 3k in purchases within 3 months; $250 annual fee includes free checked bags on delta, an annual companion certificate, and a fee credit for global entry or precheck.

Current public offer is for 50k points


Please private message me, as I only plan on sharing 2 of each link, since after 2 referrals I will not earn any more bonus points. I thought maybe someone else who was also targeted for the highest bonus offers could post their links thereby we all grab as many points from Amex as possible :slight_smile:

Also I am not a dick, if the mods leave this topic open and nobody else has a code for at least for the 90K Gold Offer, which is supposedly very difficult to get, I will share it more than twice if nobody else steps up. Though I really highly doubt that in these forums there aren’t a lot of other high targeted members.

May I also suggest we come up with our own referral exchange system?

I do wonder if maybe we should create some kind of permanent thread somewhere where we could post these. I thought ideally we restrict postings to those that have the highest bonus points offers? I technically have offers for 4 cards; but 2 of them are pretty crap and it would be pretty easy to find better, so why bother posting?
That would avoid a lot of the clutter and spam; thus inefficiency faced by other forums that attempt this.

Since I am not entirely sure, but I think you could find anyone of these travel bloggers just spamming their links all over the place quite easily; so if we just maintained a nice, neat, tidy place where you could get the best Amex Sign Up bonus deal available and our forum members could earn referral bonuses and then either edit or delete their post once they received their maximum referral bonus points; so the next community member could benefit?

Frankly, if there was any interest here, I would consider making a Leasehackr members only webapp where maybe lets say you could click on a title for a type of referral link and enter your phone number, and once a members link is texted to two different numbers the system moves on to the next member who provided their unique link to that offer. Just some ideas I am thinking about outloud, would love to hear from others if they had any ideas. It’s unfortunate we can’t do things like exchange OL codes since they are tied to addresses for using credit card sign up links or something; though maybe there are some automotive discount related codes we could trade? This is leasehackr, so if anybody has any ideas on maximizing value for the consumer and the community it should be this place.

I was able to earn the 150K Bonus points on the Amex Plat Business card because of these forums and fell in love with leasing cars and learned so much from this awesome community.

Mods please delete this thread if it is not appropriate; I apologize, was just unsure where to post or if it was even allowed. I am not trying to break any rules.


Wish I knew how to justify/compensate for the high annual fees so I could take advantage of this. How do you manage that?

The perks are spread across too many outlets and all require signup before getting credit.

Any input on how you to take advantage of the bonus is appreciated too.

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Are you referring only to the $695 annual platinum card?

Or do you also want to know about the $250 annual gold card?

Don’t worry I have something going in my drafts but it’s gonna take me a little while to get back to you you because it’s a long.

Thanks. Pm me it?

I guess either or. Whichever I can take advantage of best which will of course vary for each person.

As a family of 4 that vacations around twice a year with no other travel. Usual gas/supermarket/bills as anyone else. What would you suggest?

Please PM me this as well if you don’t post it here. I’ve been a loyal Chase man but have been thinking of switching to AMEX lately.

Plat cards come with perks like annual airline fee credits. Let’s say you had a $200 airline credit. You can Google how to best use the credit, even sell the credit to others if you don’t travel. There’s often an annual Dell credit with these cards. Again, Google how to use this, even if you have no need to purchase anything from Dell.

Each bonus can be used once per calendar year, so before the next annual fee is due sometime next year, you will get the bonus again. That should come close to covering your annual fee (AF).

The OP’s card had the restaurant credit, so if you eat out, that’s some $$ cash back to help cover the fee. Twice.

The 150k reward bonus is worth a lot also. For travel, cash back, etc. Easily worth the AF alone.

One way to get through the $6000 spend is to purchase debit Visa or Master Cards when they go on sale for a discount. Then use them to pay down your lease. BMW for example takes these as payment.

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So I have to be honest but this is a really tough call in your situation. I almost feel like I’m gonna come across as an a****** saying some of these things but so be it.

If I didn’t have any other details from you I would definitely say definitely say go with the gold card, Mainly because it’s much easier to recoup your money.

But it also depends on how old your kids are; their travel habits; and if you purchase high end merchandise or not will get to that in my next post.

The thing has a $10 monthly Uber credit credit that you can use on Uber eats.

Then it has another $10 credit which I personally use on grubhub, but it also works at cheesecake factory and Ruth Chris steakhouse. Maybe twice a year i grab a slice of cheesecake.

So the gold card essentially pays for 60% of itself as I view the benefits at 60 cents on the dollar and I keep it so that at Grocery Stores and restaurants, since I’m a single guy who is terrible at cooking and I really utilize my Amex Rewards points I need those 4X points the card gives in those 2 categories.

Now generally speaking the reason I personally have to carry at least 1 amex and always aim to use it is that I’ve been in been in the dispute resolution process through every major credit card company and American Express is by far the most favorable towards the consumer. In fact when you ask merchants that’s one of their biggest complaints against the brand. Its why I always prefer to use it.

Also I use my rewards points only for International business class travel and the transfer partners I’m able to you the lbe utilize with Amex help me get myself probably close to 4 to 5 cents per point.

In the last 10 years there was only one instance where Amex points couldn’t get me the best deal and I had to use Chase points.

Up next I will justify why I personally also have the Platinum card.

I’m on my way out the door but sorry I have to correct one thing really quickly, I personally hate the travel credit because it can only be used for incidentals, You know baggage fees, food, etc. I generally dont travel domestically with luggage.

About 2 years ago I used to be able to get Southwest gift cards and get the credit on my account. But American Express really cracked down and none of those things work anymore.

The only thing I’ve managed to do is buy a Delta gift card and then pay for the remainder of my ticket In a denomination that I know the airline charges for 2 bags. Even this might go away soon.

The problem is the credit only gets trigerred when you pay for incidentals seperately from your ticket, so lets say you pay for seat selection while buying your ticket, that won’t count towards your airline fee credit.

There are however very good reasons I keep the American Express platinum card even though I’ve barely been able to use more than $35 or so of my annual travel credit.

Also though I will say if you are a family of 4 I bet luggage fees could add up fairly quickly.

The $695 is pretty easy to get back.

  • $200 airline credit. Between bags, seat upgrades and cheap tickets, I find it easy.
  • $20/mo ($240/yr) digital entertainment credit. They added Hulu, Disney+ and SiriusXM recently which I’m sure most people have at least one of.
  • $15/mo and $20 in December Uber credit. Where I live, that’s 1 trip or 1 meal, which is easy grabs each month.
  • $50/6mo at Saks Fifth. Generally easy to find lower priced stuff there such as belts, socks, etc. online. If you live near one, it will trigger on gift cards that you can save up.

On top of that, they have running promos for various places which tend to be in the form of “spend X and get Y back”. One I’ve been using is the Jersey Mikes “Spend $15 and get $5 back” which is 2 sandwiches.

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I’m pretty much sold at least for the first year. I’ll have to assess if it works out after that.

I cancelled mine
I would of kept it for the Disney plus / hulu

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Cancel after you get the second round of bonuses next year. Then do a different card, rinse, repeat. Look to Reddit for gift card churning. Your FICO will go UP when you get into this.

Rookie question. How do you get the second round of bonuses ? Call to cancel ?

Will do on the Reddit churning.

It’s automatic

You don’t even need to cancel honestly. Just call a week or 2 before the annual fee hits and say you want to cancel. 95% of the time, they’ll throw you bonus points offer for X spend to stay. Provided you can take advantage of the other stuff I listed, it tends to be well worth it with that bonus


I am going to update this later on with my thoughts on the platinum and other responses, so this post will be editted just wanted to share the following for right now:

I checked my other cards for special referral offers and I also have one for the:

American Express Delta Platinum Card - 90k bonus miles with 3k in purchases within 3 months; $250 annual fee includes free checked bags on delta, an annual companion certificate, and a fee credit for global entry or precheck.

Regular Bonus - 50k
I’m not sure how much better this is than normal and don’t have time to research.

Just as an FYI if you are a current Amex plat member who is eligible to give others a150k bonus referral code you should PM it to me.

I have already maxed out the amount of bonus referral points I can earn on the platinum card and several other people have contacted me. If other members only have the 100/125k code I will continue to slowly give other Leasehackr members my 150k code referral; you have until the end of the day :slight_smile:

I will still send out any gold 90k bonus referral requests right away, and those are the best ever offered by Amex.

Also would be nice if someone could help come up with some ideas on a better way to do this! Come on we are lease hackers!

if you travel then the card pays for itself.

flight credit
hotel credit
digital credit
uber credit

those 4 alone are already more than the annual fee. now add on top of that lounge access. lounge access is worth at least $20 per trip each way. worth way more if you drink. open bar no limit.

I also have 2 codes which I can give out to get 90k for gold plus the 20 % cash back for restaurants. PM me if interested - obviously after OP runs out of his 2 referral codes.

Are we converting Leasehackr into DoctorOfCredit now?

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Do we know when the Gold offer expires? I already have the Platinum card, but it seems like Amex Gold is a no brainer for someone who eats out and is already in the Amex ecosystem