Amazon’s newest delivery option for Prime members: Inside their car


I am leasing a Volvo S90 just so I can receive Amazon packages


I wonder when Amazon just says: Okay, now you have the convenience of picking up your own packages off the shelf of our “distribution centers” and then paying for them as you leave.


And here I thought it was to keep up with your big bear friend.

Might try it out as long as it doesn’t require a paid subscription to OnStar. That would kill it for us

For that, I would need to put on 200 lbs and not shave and shower for 2 years.

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Doesn’t appear to. I signed up using my Malibu with a basic only free subscription to OnStar without issue. Just need a prime account, the Amazon key app and an active OnStar account that allows remote locking, etc.


Do you unlock the car with RemoteLink when they arrive, or do they gain access to RemoteLink somehow?

Edit…I missed the Amazon Key app. I assume that integrates into RemoteLink somehow

Yeah, the key app asks for remotelink permissions and grants access that way. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but it accepted the car without issues. It’s limited to certain addresses you specify, and for whatever reason only allowed me to activate one car.