Amazing deal on a 2015 bmw i3?

I think I’ve negotiated a great deal on a 2015 bmw i3 with range extender but I’d love your blessing-
(can’t get the calculator to work)
Car has giga, parking and technology packages, as well as Harmon Kardon sound upgrade

sticker is $54,300

they are discounting to $44,365

and also subtracting $7500 lease credit

money factor after 7 msds is .00089

cash due at signing is $2258 (but $1750 of that is the 7 msds)

monthly payment is $211.22 for 30 month lease w 10,000 per year max

So, great deal?

oops- forgot to mention that i live in Louisiana

Sounds like a screaming deal! $200/mo with ~500 down for a $50k ride? Wow.

Wow, that sounds like an amazing deal. mind sharing the leadsheet? Could come in handy when negotiating one, but i doubt I’ll even come close to those #s in socal