Alternatives to Honda CR-V in Boston area

I’m currently leasing a Honda CR-V LX that matures in October. I’ve been researching and following prices on the 2017 EX, and the numbers aren’t good – money factor high, not much for discounts off MSRP. The demand seems pretty high for this new model year since a major redesign happened.

I’d love to stay in a CR-V and upgrade to an EX, but I’m finding it’s a bigger lease payment than I want to spend (getting quotes in the mid to high $300s with minimal upfront costs). My current payment is $249 on the LX, but it’s the base bare-bones model (and nearly three years old). I don’t want another LX because I want the extra features the EX offers (sunroof, heated seats, push-button start, lane sensing, dual climate control, power seats, Apple CarPlay). I’m willing to consider a competitor and would appreciate any recommendations. Specific features I want in a similar CUV/small SUV are AWD, Apple CarPlay (so this narrows the brands to Ford, GMC, Buick, Hyundai, Kia, and VW per Apple’s website), keyless start, heated seats, some sort of lane sensing/blind spot detection … sunroof would be really nice, leather seats not important. I’d love to have a payment of around $300, sign and drive (don’t mind paying a few hundred or so at signing for tag/title/license fees in addition to first month’s payment). I’m in the Boston area.

Does such a thing exist at this price point? Thanks in advance!

Buick Encore in your area looks to have $2,575 ($1,500 and $1,075) in lease cash and $1,500 competitor lease offer.
Your features can be had MSRP of around $28,000 so doable perhaps.

Maybe a dealer has a 2017 rare leftover or loaner available. Check around.