Alternatives to Carvana, shift, and vroom?

What’s a good alternative to these services? I’m looking to sell a vehicle and would like to get more competitive offers. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I’m in NJ and got an offer on a Lexus from ALgo (autolenders go) but carmax beat it by 2500. they say pick up from anywhere

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Most of your local dealers will give you an offer. Don’t hold your breath on it being fantastic…they will likely only pay you wholesale (not KBB), unless you have something very desirable or in high demand


While there are other places out there that will buy (CarMax, any local dealer, etc), rarely are they more competitive.

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Just gave it a try and they beat Carvana and vroom by just a bit (couple of hundreds). The only thing I don’t like is that the offer is “subject to” along with the fact that they don’t really ask about the vehicle itself while filling out the info. I’m under the impression that they will for sure ding you for any little thing to avoid the original offer

It’s always worth it to check out private party sales on Craigslist, or one of the national listing sites. I’ve sold multiple cars for over 50% more than the KBB/CarMax price. 50% won’t happen on a newer car of course, but it can still be $1000s.

That being said my last car went to Carvana because it was too pricey for most of the CL shoppers.

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We tried putting it up on CL but truth be told, the only form of interest I’ve gotten were from “out of state buyers with cashiers check and movers”. :joy: funny how 5 people have the same story LOL

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Give Me the Vin came through with a much better offer for us. Beat the other usual suspects by $200 - $1000

Also note that you talk to a real person with whom you can negotiate. My wife ground the poor guy up $500 after a bunch of trying. But that $500 shifted the balance of the experiment to a “go.”

For the record we are dumping our 2018 MB GLE. Lease payoff is $38,300 and we’re selling for $37,500.

We eat $750 to terminate a MB lease 15 months ahead of schedule—avoiding dispo, tires, and a pricey service. I never thought we’d break even on this pig. We leased it as the new design was just trickling out so we did okay on the lease overall but I’m still quite surprised (in a good way) we can exit this thing early. Sixteen MPG since new is reason enough.

Right now seems a good time to check offers against payoffs.



Every single car I’ve sold (and most bought) has been thru craigslist/FB etc. I’ve been lucky that all those cars weren’t high dollar value, except for the one FRS that I sold for 14K.
Fine it takes a little bit of more effort, but you get a lot more $$. Doesn’t it make sense to make an extra $1500-$2000 for maybe 5-6 hours of work? That’s the same as grinding down to get the best deal. Its the same thing

Are you talking about owned cars?

Because usually leased cars can only be sold to a dealer (selling private party usually means having to pay sales tax to acquire a title)

Depends on the state I guess but it should be no different than selling a car with a lien on it, which is a pretty easy process.

But selling a car that isn’t super desirable and is worth >$10k private party is a complete nightmare and an excercise in both patience and screening people.


Right, but I think what @max_g is saying is some captives won’t allow you to sell to Carvana, for example, and must go through the captive dealer network (Ford comes to mind). I’d assume if you can’t sell to carvana, you can’t sell PP either, but could be wrong.

A purchased car with a lien is actually very different… taxes have already been paid on the purchase price. You are just paying the lender the balance of the loan to remove the lien.

Buying out a leased car triggers sales price on the buyout amount, which often kills most or maybe all of the equity

Tried selling my GLC to GMTV. Everything went smooth initially. Pics, DL, registration and payoff was faxed from MBFS. I got a call from a rep named Boe and he said GMTV is not buying leases right now. Talked to another rep and he said they certainly do. He gave me some crap saying it’s too much work to buy leases out. This is after I accepted their offer, sent all the documents containing personal info, signed the contract. Nothing like Carvana, which I had great experience with. Stay away from this shady business.

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tried selling a 2017 hyundai sonata base plugin with only 28k miles, AlGo came in at $17,800.00, but claims that they do not come to california!
99drive soft offer$17,000.00
shift does not deal with hyundai motor finance
multiple chevy dealers offered$16,000.00
my payoff is $17,302.67, any other suggestions?

Why are you trying to sell your Sonata to multiple Chevy dealers?

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trying to lease a Bolt LT $154.00 down, $154.00 for 36 months

What does one have to do with the other?


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need to get rid of hyundai lease before starting new bolt lease

You are unlikely to maximize what you get trading to a different brand.

Contact Hyundai dealers to see if they’ll buy your Ioniq for more than you’ve been offered elsewhere.

If not, try some other suggestions in this thread (eg give me the vin), bring your checkbook, roll the negative, or wait.