ALN's JUNE Florida Domestic Deals! 14% OFF on Ram 1500 Orders! No affiliate requirement! GMC/CHEVY ORDERS AVAIL!

:warning: END OF MONTH DEAL ALERT :warning:

Check out our Florida Mazda thread for some crazy good in-stock CX9 deals until Jan 31st!!

And as a heads up - after this month, inbound/in stock Jeep units will be discounted slightly less than orders, and broker fee will return to normal $499. Lock existing deals/orders in before EOD on 1/28!

Yes you’re correct - within the next 30 days we do not have inbound 4xe’s. However, they are available for order you can always submit a custom build/order for one!

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Full List of Affiliate Eligible Vehicles To Clear Up Confusion!


$250 Broker Fee ($499 Regular Price) - INBOUND & ORDERS ONLY
Inbound vehicles must have $99 retainer paid before Midnight tonight to lock in, then $149.99 remainder paid when vehicle arrives.
Ordered vehicles must pay full $249 fee up front before Midnight tonight to lock in.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM - Additional 1% Discount. See above post for list of current vehicles on Affiliate Program; Affiliate programs usage is based on the month of delivery so although you may or may not have Affiliate on your vehicle this month, it could change come time of delivery.

Wrangler Orders - 9.25% Off MSRP
Grand Cherokee (2 & 3 row) Orders - 8.5% Off MSRP (excl. 4xe - for now)
Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer Orders - 6% Off MSRP
Gladiator Orders - 9% Off MSRP

Please email with your full name, zip code, lease structure and build sheet/link attached for a quote!


We will be updating our Florida Deals sheet over the next couple of days. We will be sharing an update on here before the weekend with a link to our new Florida Deals sheet as well as some special deals to start the month off!

Please note moving forward on Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Chrysler deals there will be a 2% discount reduction on INBOUND orders as well as a 5% discount reduction on IN-STOCK. You still get the same great discounts on factory orders!

Why do we do this? Even we have to admit these deals are pretty deep, so in order for our dealer partners to afford to do these deals, they need to make up for it on their in-stock and inbound inventory. This still provides an opportunity for anyone who needs a vehicle quicker to get a great deal and skip the showroom shopping and negotiating over large markups.

Stay tuned!

Please email if you need any assistance!

I sent an email yesterday about the GCL Limited and Overland. Thanks

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Deals are partially updated on our new Florida Lease Deals sheet! The remaining models should be up and running by this weekend.

Affiliate currently available on most models including Wrangler which provides an additional 1% discount. Please note in order to use affiliate, the program must be active on the vehicle still at time of vehicle delivery.

All posted deals are Order Only, however we may have available Inbound inventory for a 2% discount penalty. If you want to take an in-stock unit, there will be a 5% penalty on the discount. Orders are currently taking 6-8 weeks on most, so if you are not in a rush ordering is the way to go!

If you want to place an order you can go right to our deal builder on our website (via the Lease Deals sheet) and submit your order.

For any questions or inquiries please contact Nick at

*Jeep is still experiencing MSRP issues on their online builders, so until that is fixed we will be getting actual build sheets from our dealer for your build to confirm numbers before placing an order. Please keep this in mind when inquiring as this has slowed our process down and we have had a lot of inquiries!

We now have most of the sheet updated, working out a few site bugs to get the rest up, but check out our sheet in the post above to see our latest Jeep deals! Remember we may have inbound or in-stock inventory if you need something sooner and the deals are still great!

Some deal highlights, you can place your order easily by going to the Order Link, build your desired structure, enter your zip code and click “Finalize Quote Today!”.

Affiliate is available on most models right now, if you qualify for the Affiliate program you will receive an additional 1% discount - program must be active at time of delivery.

2022 Jeep Gladiator Sport
MSRP: $38,205
Discount: 9%
Payment: $332/mo (Includes FL taxes & fees!)
DAS: $3k
Term: 39/10k
Order Link:

2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4xe Rubicon
MSRP: $59,090
Discount: 9.25%
Payment: $340/mo (Includes FL taxes & fees!)
DAS: $3k
Term: 36/10k
Order Link:

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude
MSRP: $45,240
Discount: 8.5%
Payment: $467/mo (Includes FL taxes & fees!)
DAS: $3k
Term: 36/10k
Order Link:

Order delivery times are usually between 6-10 weeks depending on the model and order banks.

Been waiting on a quote from nick since last Friday, hope he havent forgot about me.

perhaps it went into spam, shoot me a pm with your email!

Ok , just sent a PM. Thanks

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Only the Altitude trim on GC?

What does pricing on the Stelvio’s look like?

Hey! We currently don’t have access to Alfa’s in the South East region. We work with Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler & Mazda primarily in the south - with a couple exceptions.

Let us know if we can help with one of those brands!

@AutoLeaseNinjas…are you taking orders for the Wrangler High Tide?

No those are just some highlight deals, check out our spreadsheet for a full list! Or our website

AutoLeaseNinjas Florida Lease Deals

We may have one or two allocations left, please email with your deal details and information and he can check for you!

Is the fee 99 or 499?

$499 Total ($99 Retainer, $399 Remainder Fee Once Build is Submitted!)

Is your dealer in Florida? How far out are 4xe new orders now days?

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