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Hi All,

i am trying to buy a new nissan rogue SV premium. finance and no lease. can someone help me with it. i am in bridgewater nj

Is this one still available. I might sale my old Murano and get this one :slight_smile:

Sucks, dealer here wont budge on lowering the MF. Salesmen is in the way. Will keep trying, but do you happen to have any Palisades Calligraphies coming in? Also getting ridiculous markups in the DMV area.

We’re not too bad on Palisades - no Calligraphies, but very reasonable addendums trim dependent, only $1-2k - relative to the market it is solid.

@Niaz_Zaman shoot me a PM!

@AutoLeaseNinjas, Looks like the Land Rovers have a very good residual in your list, is that something that’s special to you or something that’s being offered across the board?

Also, do you know if Land Rover has any promotions on now? Conquest? Affiliated Employer?

@AutoLeaseNinjas - do you still have the Lexus GX 2022.

I actually just got a Calligraphy in stock

It’s a FWD unit, and I can get away with only $1.5k over MSRP on it (which relative to other addendums on Calligraphy’s specifically is a strong deal). PM me if you want a quote @JLP2021

Yes we do!

@dgrekov - no promotions, no incentives unfortunately. They don’t need to put any incentives on it to sell.

Can you please let me know what color (exterior/interior) options do you have and what model (premium, premium plus, luxury).

Thanks ALN for offering it to me. We will need the AWD instead.

NOTE: All future LR Defender Orders/Inquiries will be 2023 Models - just sold through the remaining 22s. The 23 orders should arrive early March.

Hi Tomas do you have base S60 FW black or thunder gray

Yep, we do! Shoot me a pm

Are you buying out Alfa’s leased through Ally? My assumption is no but figured it was worth a shot to ask.


@AutoLeaseNinjas Do you have any GLA’s or Q3 AWD. Thanks

I do have a handful of Q3s some are inbound, I can get them at 2.5% off - or at invoice (~5%) on a custom order.

I’m recommending on the ground or inbound units because a lot of orders have a long lead time, usually around 4-6 months for regular cars, and longer for rarer cars.

@schwinn140 shoot me an email - answer is sometimes, depends on what state its registered in

Are the q3s premium 45 line? What’s a 3yr 10kmi lease

Looking to get a 2022 BMW X3 m40i I have a build code

Also got a 2019 Audi sq5 to sell, was quoted 5k equity !

Send me a Pm if you can help

Email me the build code along with the details of your lease return (see instructions above)

The 21 T8 XC90 still available? If so what color combo is that?