(Almost) a free car: $371 One pay 2024 Niro EV Wind, 36/15


Pretty simple deal that became amazing because of a $7500 state incentive (Maine) and the Niro’s high RV and low MF. I chose 15k miles. Would have been completely free at 12k miles.

MSRP: $42,400
Sale Price: $39,600
Rebates: $7500 Federal, $7500 Maine, $1500 Kia Summer VIN

Calculator here

Not sure where the $100 difference comes in but who cares :slight_smile:


Leasehackr score of almost 200 years…is that a record?


One of my Bolts was -1161.6 years but this is a great deal too! The calculator gets pretty wonky anyway once you start teetering into the very low cost/free after rebate deals.


The state incentive is counted as an incentive or as a payment towards the one-pay? If the former, would this deal really fund?

In the paperwork they counted it as down payment

I know something like 80 but damnnnnnn 200 is goated

Its up there with Bolt Mania and i3 mania from years back.

When you include the buyback etc., that bolt was an amazing deal. Including everything, I ended up getting paid 4-500 a month for that bolt :). That was insane!


It was ridiculous… I got around $4,500 back for one, around $5,000 back for another and I used the car I got in the substitution of collateral as $6,000 in trade in credit towards the purchase of one.

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Yeah, I got in on the Bolt lease deals, I couldn’t believe what I was getting for one-pay.

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