Ally Lease Issue

Are there any brokers that ACTUALLY buy out Ally leases on trade? I already dealt with one or two (not from here) that claimed they did but once they found out that my lease is with Ally, they said they can’t help me. Can we get some clarity here?

I believe @stellarauto and @Anthony_Lopez have affiliated ally dealers

Is this accurate? Don’t want to waste anyone’s time

Depending on what the vehicle is, I might be able to assist.

What is the vehicle and what are you trying to do?


You can always get your buyout if you do another ally lease or loan…

21 Tacoma. Trying to go into an SUV. Also have a bmw 228 Xi GC that I’d like to get out of but I have significantly less time on that one so my guess is that one would be more difficult to swap out of. Not sure what BMW is like when it comes to their cars

Either PM me or publicly post what your payoff is.

I got out of my Ally 22 Taco through Anthony, he is legit.

I used Anthony and dsr leasing and it was good. Direct message for details


thanks guys!

@burntoutmedic feel free to text me at 949-544-1669 with VIN# and miles. I can payoff Ally leases for your lessee buyout amount. i’ll make an offer on it.


I have no problem doing another ally lease, just cant be in a Taco anymore

Most of my Toyota models lease well with ally still. Feel free to shoot me a text or check my first post for price sheets.


Hey guys ,

I also have a lease with Ally auto that I’m trying to get out of . They gave me my payout which is pretty good since I put money down to reduce the payment initially but I went to a couple dealers locally here in georgia and the dealers said the price Ally gave them was like 14k more than what they told me my own buyout was . I’m not looking to take a loan to buyout the car as I’m looking to trade out into something different. I didn’t want to start a new post since it the same subject matter .

Thanks in advance

Reach out to @Anthony_Lopez

Thanks for the shoutout!

@Anthony_Lopez please keep me posted on the Info regarding my 2023 Alfa giulia Veloce lease buyout with Ally Auto

Thank you

I’ve been working on getting competitive bids for you. so far everything is below your payoff which obviously doesn’t serve you. I’ll text you soon. thanks.

Ok thank you . So I gather you are able to get better buyout options from Ally then as the dealer around me checked and they said that they were only offered a 3rd party buyout from Ally at $54k and my personal buyout from ally was $40k

Since I was trying to trade in my Alfa at BMW locally and then lease a new BMW threw the dealer but they said I would be to upside down to make the deal happen even with $6k cash .

Trying to find my options to get out of the Alfa and get into a new lease w BMW, should have never left as I’ve had my last 4 cars w them but wasn’t thinking