Ally lease buyout issues

Wanted to share my current situation with an ally lease purchase. I mailed in an overnight cashiers check to ally for the buy price on my log in on Feb 5th. They received the 8th, a Monday, and it posted on the 10th as paid in full. After 10 days I contacted them to see what’s next as I thought I’d have a title by now? Long story short, today is 26th and I still haven’t got a buyout package as they said or the title. My wife and I have live chatted and called 9 times in past 5 days and they pretty much say something different each time. The latest was that the amount of the check is short $218? But I sent the check for what they said to send it for via print out from their site, a phone call and chat confirmed before check sent? What the hell is going on with these morons?!

  1. They are making it more painful than it needs to be. Ally is not known for being an easy lender based on experiences posted here unfortunately.

  2. Your screenshot says the buyout price is only valid until Feb 7th and you said they received the check on the 8th? I don’t see how the buyout price keeps fluctuating rapidly but this might explain the $218 discrepancy. Do you have a screenshot showing that the vehicle has been paid off fully? I would make backups of that.

  3. Call and politely ask to speak to someone who can solve this today on the call. Keep escalating. Obviously someone has the power to fix this.

  4. If you get nowhere, send them a certified letter containing all the facts you mentioned here. Might be worth getting a lawyer to write a strongly worded demand letter requesting for your title.

Good luck!

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Up until today, the vehicle has shown paid in full. So from 11th to 25th it did. Now it shows the $218 balance. I was told the check had to be dated before the 7th and the mail as well. They both said 5th as previously mentioned. Wife called 3 times just today and gets a different response each time. She is speaking to the payoff department directly too. The car was supposed to be purchased by ALGO 10 days ago!! It has been sitting at my parents property for 3 weeks now. Of course we thought this would be easy and they original people contacted from made it seem that way in the beginning. Bummer

Do they take payments over phone? It might be worth paying up the $218 and getting it settled right away instead of this back and forth.

If they ask for a check again, ask them what is the guarantee that they won’t change the amount again after they receive and cash your check.

Regarding the title, I am not sure about your state and Ally but usually the way it works is that the bank just sends an electronic release to the DMV and the DMV mails you the title to the registered address. Depending on your state’s DMV that might take a few days to few weeks.

Ally claims they have to send me some paperwork to sign and send back to have title released. They said I would get it 4 days after check cleared. Thats when we started calling was due to this big delay and like I said, each phone call ends with a different response and outcome. No, they wont let us pay online or phone. Last phone call, 10 mins ago ended with, “someone from management will reach out to you by Monday afternoon.” Clowns

wow I’m curious why the buyout went up when the payoff is late. It’s a lease right? So the buyout goes down, but then you owe a lease payment.

What number are you calling?

I’ll have to check when I get home. Wife has been calling, said it’s direct line to payoff dept

Issue is they told me the check and mail date had to be before the date shown, which both were?!

UPDATE, we STILL havent got the title!? The absolute last time we ever deal with Ally. I missed my window to sell for top dollar to ALGO. It has gone down in last month unfortunately. I am going to try and sell locally first. We signed the odometer statement and everything and they are just worthless at Ally.

Where are you, and who issues the title there: the state or the bank?

NC, Ally is supposed to issue the title to me and then I go pay the DMV sales tax and get the title redone to a NC title. Ally told me that within 4 days of getting the buyout check, they would send over the papers to sign. That took 21 days. Then the title would be sent to me within 5 days of that. So total is now 26 days. They said about 10 to 12 when this all started. Its just frustrating when you talk to them on the phone and they are clueless as to whats going on.

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Hi. Did you end up receiving the title? When did you receive it?

I’m trying to buyout a leased car from Ally. Your experiences helped me mentally prepared for the long process, but I hope you got the title in the end…

I got it in about 4 weeks but we also opened a case complaint with dmv about it so maybe that sped it up?? Funny thing is that the dealer I sold it to actually didn’t need it anyways. They said they could get one. Worked out either way for us.

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Thank you for the info. I don’t expect the title to arrive in 2 weeks as some of the reps explained, but I’m at least hopeful that you got it in the end.