Ally Lease - account

Leased a Tacoma on Feb 11th. Just yesterday I was finally able to create a account online with providing personal email and VIN#.
I contacted Ally on March 11th to see what I had to do as far as making a payment since it was due that day. I was told I couldn’t since I was not in their system yet. I asked will I see a past due amount once I am able to log into my account and their answer was no. Being able to create the account yesterday and logging in. I sure enough noticed the payment was past due, so I made a payment immediately.
Now here is where it gets interesting. I checked this morning to see if payment got submitted and I noticed that there is a total of 3 payments made and no payment is due until May now…
First payment made at dealer (taxed). Second payment made (untaxed), and 3rd payment made by me thru ACH payment (taxed).
Was I Credited? or is this simply a error on their side?

Anyone else had to wait until after their usual “30 days”?
Never received a welcome packet but I assume it will be on the way now.

The dealer may have made the 2nd payment on your behalf if they were behind in getting the contract set up.

If that is the case how would that work for me? This is what it’s showing on the account.
Again, the 1st and 3rd payment were taxed but the 2nd wasn’t.

When I’ve seen a dealer payment in the past like this, they usually end up giving you a call saying “hey, we had to pay this for you, please pay us back.” Your best bet here is probably to just give Ally a call and ask for clarity.

Okay, I will do that. Thanks!

Called Ally. They said they couldn’t trace where it came from. All they could find is that it came from a 3rd party. suggested I’d call my bank to see if it didn’t process my payment twice which doesn’t seem to be the case.

If the dealer paid for it on your behalf I’m sure you’ll be getting a call to reimburse them.

Seems to be the case. Reached out to the my sales person and he said it likely was them but would follow up.