All wheel drive SUV

Hi all, recently sold my Audi A6 C7 3.0T and looking for my next ride.
Decided to lease, so it’s going to be my first time leasing, not buying a car.
And the criteria is very simple: I want affordable all wheel drive SUV.
Previously I had VWs and Audi cars…
Was looking at Tiguan, but it’s 170+ hp engine doesn’t make any fun, and Audi Q5 is too expensive for me, so looks like I will be switching from VAGs now…

What are your thoughts guys on newer SUVs which models worth checking them out, which ones are a “good lease” options?
I’m in Bay Area California.


Why if you are in the Bay area do you need AWD?

Very often driving to Lake Tahoe for skiing, and don’t want to “play” with chains, Audi quatro always helped me to pass chain control and quickly get to resort…

X2 on the web site is saying $479/MO, which is a bit too much for my budget…

AWD Highlander

There are some good incentives right now on 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokees. The amount varies depending on trim level. It’s bigger than the Tiguan, but 300 hp makes it a bit less of a dog.

Why are you looking on the BMW website? People on Leasehackr don’t go into a dealer and ask for xyz crappy dealer offer. Search for X2 here to see what people have paid for them. Hint: it’s a lot less

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The jeep Cherokee limited can also be had under $400 easily.

Next month will be interesting for the BMW x2, either nothing changes and still have strong incentives, incentives go up a bit, or BMW increases the mf yet again.

The Cherokee or the GC? I don’t think the little Cherokee is worth anything close to $400

On the contrary I don’t think the 8 year old Grand Cherokee is really worth writing home about, especially in the more base trims. shrug

I personally like the new Cherokee over the GC, especially in the 2.0L turbo trim. Just the right size for my family and where we live.

maybe QX60 PURE AWD?

Thanks all, so far I will be checking out
Acura RDX
Infinity QX50