All the special leasing comes with down payment?

Hello, leasing newbie here,

I’ve been reading on the forum about leasing and i’ve amused by some of the deals posted on here. when i go google on special leasing deals from my local dealers. all those specials say with a few thousand down to get the low monthlies. My question is how you guys find those deals with 0 down? for example, the MB E300 im looking at currently
says 4863 down at signing. I’ve tried to do some basic research on my own but i guess i got a little confused.

You negotiate a better deal than posted ads.

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how much wiggle room do you think i will have though given it’s already a special on the website, and i’ve learned prices posted on website usually doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room. so im afraid that i go in and the salesperson will simply say they’ve already discounted it hugely on the website and there’s nothing i can do about that down payment.

Every market is different. You will have to research to see how competitive your area is. When I click your link, I don’t see any special pricing listed. What pricing do you see?

well im going for a lease. so i thought that monthly payment price (569/month , 36mo term) for a 2017 E class is decent, but obviously i want to do away with 0 down. unless 5xx per month is the norm for a 2017 E300, like i said im not too sure how much a new 2017 should cost monthly, but when i do a rough estimate with the lease calculator i am getting up wards of 800s based off Edmund’s MF and RV so im guessing 5xx per month is decent.

You must have missed all the e300 lease deals posted on here. Look into loaners.

haha i probably have. thanks for taking the time to reply. this is my first very lease. so i still got a lot to learn…

People have gotten loaner e300s in the $400s. TX might be difficult though because of Harvey and the way your state taxes the entire sales price. Message @Shellzj. He seems to know the TX market fairly well and how tax credits work there. Good luck.

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You should be able to get a new one for what you want. It’s all about negotiating. Just type in the search “e300” and do some reading.

There are different deals in every state. If you want to put a down payment on your lease, it’s ok, but you will need to negotiate it well to your dealer. They say that you don’t need to get down payment on your deal, but instead putting a security deposit, which lowers the money factor and could help you save money. Try to search also for brokers online and get some quotations on them.