All inclusive Bolt EV Lease in Santa Clara County "must have current lease'


Great news. I have Bolts showing up soon. The drop dates are from December 12th to December 20th. Most are LT Models but I do have a handful of Premier models that will be here on or around 11/28

Please contact me if you’d like to come in and leave a deposit on a incoming unit.

(408) 464-6499

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

MSRP: $37,635
Selling Price: $34,946.30
Rebates: $4,042

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: 0.00088= 2.112
Residual: 61%

Total Due At Signing: $2,500

Monthly Payment:

Base Monthly Payment = 249.54
Monthly Tax + 23.08
Total Monthly Payment = 272.62 @Santa Clara County Tax Rate

Sorry, but this is a terrible deal


A good deal is a frame of mind. Sounds like you’re just cheap buddy.

Sure. Let me know when you’re ready to pay $20 for a dollar bill. I have a few of those I’d be willing to sell ya :wink:

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That’s the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever read. If you don’t have anything to contribute don’t randomly diss people.


If that’s what the market calls for. Face it… People will always get a better deal. Are you buying the car or deal?

You can be cheap on here. That’s your right. And it’s also my right to call people out for being cheap when they make plenty of money to be bitching about price. Sorry that I am not sorry

You can do better on the selling price.
This is a horrible deal.

It’s a terrible deal.

Saving $4000 (33%) on a lease is not just “cheap”, its smart.

Out of curiosity, why did you join this forum?

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I used to work for Chevy but I left because I didn’t want to work with mooches like you folks. It seems like working with folks like you is a complete waste of time. You guys aren’t buying a car, you’re buying a deal. Yet you still want good customer service? LOL you get what you pay for. Thank God I left for Mercedes-Benz so I don’t have to work with mooches.

You must be a novice salesperson or a product specialist. I was in management for Mercedes for nearly a decade, you have no idea how much the prosperity and financial statement of the dealerships ride on the CSI bonus and thresholds from the factory- so yeah good service is required, you’ll figure out that one day kid as you jump from dealership to dealership.

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I’m confused why you’re on here if you’re just going to be a d!ck and bash everyone. If you want to do that, go call your customers cheap that ask for a lower price. That will go over well

Do you have any E300 loaners for 299 a month lease? Prefer P2 package and less than 3k miles thanks …

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This deal is $12500 OTD…that’s not that great for a Bolt.

I say that as there are threads here for $9000 OTD for a Bolt.


“Went to a Mercedes dealer so I didn’t have to work with mooches.”

Good luck. I worked at one for years before my business took off and you’ll be lying to yourself if you think its any different.

The great part is, people are only getting smarter when it comes to car buying. And it will make it frustrating for salesmen like you who have minimal, if any, selling skills. To the point where you come to a forum and try to agitate individuals because you’re angry consumers don’t want to speak on the phone or come in for a test drive before any numbers are discussed. Or that when a greater msrp discount is offered and you try to bump the money factor up because most don’t know leasing someone does catch it and you look stupid in person.

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I got what I wanted from this forum and from my Chevy dealership. This forum helped save me money. Enough to enjoy a trip to Hawaii. I will do it again. There’s nothing you can say to me that would convince me to stop. You can call me all the names you want.

I really wish I could help you with your frustration. I don’t think you want help though. So, all the best in your future endeavors. May you find the success in whatever career you chose to pursue.


I bet Thumper666 was just a second ID created by the OP so he doesn’t leave trail on his own broker-dealer account. People like him are getting slaughtered on this forum. :sunglasses:

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Stay Tuned I have 125 Bolt EV that will arrive in a few days. Chevrolet Employee Pricing is what I can do. Plus, Costco and anything else that you qualify for. Send me a email if you would like to have a Lease breakdown. The price I send you will be all inclusive, including everything.

Send me the following:

MSRP and options that you would like on the 2017 Bolt EV


Zip Code.



Paul Duran
Capitol Chevrolet
Internet Fleet Manager
(408) 464-6499

Will you ship to Texas?