All-Electric 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Will Cost Less Than $30,000 After Tax Rebates

Chevrolet announced Tuesday that the Bolt pricing starts at $37,495. There are mentions that with the federal government’s $7500 EV tax incentive the net price can come down to $29,995.

Chevy announced last week that the Bolt will achieve an EPA-certified range of 238 miles which beats Tesla’s entry-level Model S.

Anyone start looking at lease deals for 24 & 36 MO on the LT and Premier trims? Any rebates other than the $7500 EV tax incentive?

NJ Steve

With the expected 30% residual, the early adopter leases will be in the high 400s!!! I am sure dealers will be selling at or over MSRP for starters and the 37k is for the base model. GM has shot itself in the foot once more with their pricing and delays. If you can wait for same time next year, Bolts will be $99 leases.

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Nothing in the September leasing guide. Will look next month.

I am pretty sure 36 month leases will be the minimum. Volt and Spark EV leases are 36 months min.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but don’t expect to receive the full $7,500 tax credit in the form of lease cash. Volt only offers $6,860 (and only 4,610 in non-CARB states!). Spark EV does offer $10,475, but that is a dead car selling off remaining units.

Not to mention the games the dealership will play to get a premium

so much depends on the tesla 3.