Alfa, Volvo, Jaguar Dealers in FL?

Trying to get my parents out of a 2016 Ram 1500 lease and into an Alfa Stelvio, Volvo XC90, or Jaguar F-Pace. Even an X5 or Q7 might do- although historically they don’t lease too well. Quick brief: Currently the Ram is at the allocated mileage and still has 10 payments left of $510. Therefore, for them to be in the same payment category and close to zero OOP, they need a selling price of ~$40k including the neg. $5100 from the Ram. Could be any term, but needs to be at least 15k on the miles. This will mainly be a car for Mom. Dad only approves of manufactures that aren’t Asian (yes, he’s one of those guys). That being said, which dealers in FL for these brands have been aggressive? I don’t recall seeing a FL list under “Dealers/Brokers” hence the question. You can PM me if discretion is a concern.

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@mani_is_kool is a FL broker who can help you with Volvo