Alfa Romeo Stelvio - special lease question

Dealer advertised special lease on base Alfa Romeo Stelvio MSRP $42,990: $359/mo $0 down (or $189/mo. $5K down) 36mo/30Kmiles. From reading the forums I learned you take the $0 down deal.

Dealer claims there’s no more room on these deals, they are what they are, already the “best” price. Should I believe them or there’s always room to do better or ask for other things like included service for 3 yrs, etc.?

Or try to get close to this deal on a non-base model with a few extra options? My goal is to stay under $400 before tax.

Dealer also says they are swimming in the Stelvios, they got too many of them (40-50 on the lot) and they are trying to unload them and they are only selling 5-10/mo. so they are motivated to move them.

I have 1 month to look for my next car, that’s when I have to turn in my current lease, so I’m in no rush to act now.

I can’t answer your specific question, but I’m researching (right now!) similar Deals in my region…$399/mo, $399 down…24mo/20k miles.

Much prefer the offer you are getting!

if its $359 + tax its not a good deal! If this is the same dealer that I talked to the guy was a jerk! He tried to get me to sign the crappy &189. $5k down deal + drive offs $7k total Then when I told him that was not a good deal his response was. “Im not making my house payment on you @ $189, Obviously you have been burned before and how can you be burned @ $189 a month” That was the last time I talked to him. Im close to closing a deal and when I do I’ll hook you guys up with a good dealer.

How much better than 359+tax can one do?

I sent you a PM…

What MSRP are you looking to lease? Base or Ti/sport?

Typical con-artist tactics. Draw your attention away from the bad part of the deal ($5k down) and focus on the what seems positive ($189/month). Throw in some sympathy for you and make it look like he’s on your side. Any time I get BS responses like that I bolt. The deception never ends there.


something wierd is happening at alfa romeo. I test drove volvo and audi and got great service. I went to Alfa in maple shade, nj and the sales guy was great, butt the sales manager or finance guy blew up at me and acted like a complete jerk because i wouldn’t tell him what the volvo lease deal came to. I still think i might get a stelvio at the end of the month after more research ( i think they are deals to be had)

I would suggest going to Fullerton Alfa. I had a bad experience with Maple Shade too. Fullerton was much more helpful and accommodating.

So typically are these advertised deals (either dealer specific or national/TV) any good or is it expected to be able to do better than that?

You can always do better than advertised.

How do you figure out where you need to be for a good % off MSRP, I guess on any car not just these Alfas? What is doable and what is not?

did you end up getting one? i live in PA so i’ll probably go somewhere here.

No I didn’t. I didn’t start dealing with them till the last day of the month so didn’t have time to set a deal before the incentives changed. First offer was pretty good though, but wanted better. Still in contact with them but waiting till memorial day weekend for a better deal.

any updates trakkrd? maybe we can get a 2 car special lol

Maybe 3 car special.

I have been working with Scott @ Fullerton, but their numbers make no sense. I am coming up with a paymentof $403+tax and they are sayings its $638 with tax.

Glendale is out of cars? You guys bought them all? :slight_smile:

i got numbers better than 638. did you already purchase?

No not yet still trying to get numbers

I got $450 a month , $1500 down for a MSRP 52k