Alfa romeo stelvio 373$ 15K

update 12-24-2018

i have learned that there is 2 type of 2018 cars. One released Q1 other Q4. So this car is Q1 , thats why they lowered the price that much and interest to 0.24 from 1.24 . You need to check dealer around you and see if there is car from Q1 or Q2.

UPDATE 12-23-18

So I got the car. Here is the details 15K miles
Cap cost 5024
Title 15
Reg fee 18.5
Sales tax 339.12
Doc fee 250
Total 6020

Rebate 5645
MSRP 51240
Gross cap cost 41528 after 9712$ off from MSRP
Res 27696

Monthly 373$

I just paid first month payment . It is from ally

I have quote and I am going to sign tomorrow.

MSRP 51220

0 down
24 month
15000 miles

375$ per month.

Since I negotiated the monthly payment, I dont have residual or mf

So what do you think?

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0 down, but how much is due at signing? May still be a very good deal.

Which year, DAS, and state?

First payment due. 375$ then I will have 23 payment left.
It is 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti SPORT AWD

I pay nothing else.

that includes tax I assume? whats the monthly without tax?

As I said, I negotiated on monthly payment. But when I get the car tomorrow I will share all information.

Run to the dealership to sign that one

Wow this is very nice…I’ll be waiting to see your numbers and try to replicate in NJ

Don’t hold your breath, too good to be true :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow good luck with that deal… Surprised you didnt do it today.

What dealer is this?

Great deal. Please let me know the dealer, I’d like to replicate that if possible or get one there.

Great deal! Could you PM me dealer info? Thanks!

You say $0, but where’s the $5024 coming from on the cap cost reduction? If indeed that’s $5k you put down, then this is hardly a good deal…

The $5645 in rebates is likely to cover some fees and then the rest is applied as $5024 CCR.

i sometimes really can not understand. 3 times in this post i said i just paid 375$

So you really think i am hiding payment. if it is i would have said , my monthly payment is 1$. I leased the car for a dollar. and hide 8000$ down payment. :slight_smile:

Come on, as John said “The $5645 in rebates is likely to cover some fees and then the rest is applied as $5024 CCR.”, this is what happens.

almost 10k$ discount on the car drops to 41528 plus 5645 rebate so ~16k$ discount. Res 54%

Yeah, “forgot” about discount lol

OP should post better screenshots, but this is what I see. Agreed upon sale price is listed as $40350. After capping some fees, gross cap is $41528. After rebates, adjusted cap cost is $36504.

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updated thanks