Alfa Romeo Reliability the Same as Toyota?

Someone please read this (Page 3) and tell me if I’m dumb for saying that Toyotas are more Reliable than New Alfa Romeo? Cause this person is dead set that CR and JDPower reliability data is biased and incorrect?

"From AlfaOFFROAD:
Another unpleasant truth that must be true if the statement “Obviously Toyotas (minus the ONE BMW BASED CAR the Supra), Hyundais, Kias (who tend to be in the tops) are more reliable since they dont employ the newest of technologies like BMWs, Audis, Porches” is true:

Alfa does not use the latest tech. If it worked for Toyota, Et al, it will probably work for Alfa. Because it isn’t a brand, it is a development concept.

Another truth: None of the magazines, CR included have reliability statistics for Alfa. They have projections based on traditional FCA and Alfa reliability, which does make sense…but given the above true statements of Alfa not using existing FCA or Alfa technologies, also by creating brand new factories with new assembly systems, and new employees…the reasoning doesn’t apply.

Now if you want to give low projected reliability due to the truth of new factories with new equipment and new employees, learning new skills/procedures cause production problems…Ok. That is logical and would seem true given the other accepted truths.

It is also logical that those issues will be worked out in a couple of years when the employees are experienced with the equipment, which has happened…so far not too many complaints on the 2019’s.

We will see what CR says when they get enough statistics…but you go right ahead thinking whatever you want for whatever reason you want.

Want to talk about how Alfa needs to get a better average dealer experience…more like Toyota and especially Lexus…ok…you have a valid point. Very valid. Great probably.

Reliability? They all fall within a similar statistical variation if you are talking about a 2019 vehicle.

Now getting that problem fixed right the first time…there…there we have a problem unfortunately, in pretty much every brand except Toyota/Lexus. Which still has issues. Just try to get a problem repaired that doesn’t have a TSB (Technical Service Bulliten) issues for it already."

Why are you wasting your time on this fool?

Let him run his Stelvio to 200k like I’ve done on multiple Honda vehicles and report back his maintenance/repair costs. I bet he dumps it well before 100k.


Hahahaha. No.

“Rarely have we hoped for a car in our possession to succeed more than we did for this Alfa. And rarely have we been more consistently disappointed.”

“But it wasn’t the pricey spark plugs or the short-lived tires that bothered us the most. It was the absurd frequency and duration of the Giulia’s stays at the dealership. During its 14 months with us, the Giulia spent 80 days out of commission. That’s unforgivable. We went from recommending that people buy Giulia QFs to recommending that they lease Giulia QFs to recommending that they stay away from Giulia QFs altogether.”


Haha cause he done it a couple times. I cant stand factless and baseless claims.

I do want that Nissan thread from yesterday to come back though.

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That guy is crazy. IMO initial quality/reliability means absolutely nothing. Let’s see a Stelvio with 100k miles. My guess is that it’ll be even more worthless than a Cayenne/X2/etc at that age.

These people buying Stelvios instead of leasing them must have a lot of cash they need to burn. They should go long on $TSLA!!


What worse, Alfa or Maserati?

Some friends of mine had a Ghibli, and it was in for repairs every ~6 weeks from the day it was new.

It also sounded like a nuclear-powered chainsaw. I was embarrassed to ride in it.


So you are pissed off 24/7 then?
Seriously, on a Alfa forum there has to be at least one delusional Alfa fan.


“had mine 500 miles and one week. No issues
Reliability concerns are fakenews”


Those Alfa guys are nuts. I was on the forums for a while and has been amazed at the die hards.

Ask them what they think about Jalopnik, ha.

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You’re going to find this same thing on all fanboi sites. GM is the best, BMW is no match to Giulia, who cares if the Q50 is ancient, it’s the best car in the world, That panel gap 2x what it should be and that paint run isn’t a big deal on my Model 3.

The list goes on and on. As the saying goes, opinions are like buttholes…everyone has one, and they usually stink.

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Yeaaaaa, but these are like 50 year old “alfatistas” who are convinced that because their guila has 10,000 miles it’s bulletproof.


Ha you should see the forum with “Any Stelvios without Issues”

400 mile road trip, no problem. Its not a very long thread…

I understand that, just expected more from people. What I was wrong.

There’s the mistake. The internet has created a culture of keyboard warriors and experts.

I mean, if it’s on the internet, it has to be true.

Okay so I own a Guilia with 16k miles on. It is even a '17 so it should have all the problems known to man. Previous to that I had two BMW’s over 10 years. All the Alfa’s had some issues when they first came out. Most were solved by an update. Mine was all sorted before I got it. I haven’t had one issue that prevented me from driving the car. That said when simple needs to get done it turns into an ordeal. Lots of parts take two weeks to get. I wanted an extra key and the dealer bricked the car right on the service drive. Left in a loaner.
In comparison, I think the BMW’s had slightly more issues. It just didn’t seem that bad as they get fixed right away. Well except for the engine rebuild, that took a couple of weeks, but it seemed quick as I had a new 335 loaded loaner.


This is the classic Alfa Owner response, my Alfa was nearly trouble free… but my BMW, Mercedes, Audi was way more terrible…

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Just my experience over the last year with the Alfa. And I didn’t say the BMW was way more terrible, just different and handled way better. This does remind me I need to call the dealer to find out where the part is that they ordered 2 or 3 months ago…

I am giving my experience as an actual owner, rather than some Internet FUD. If anyone else here owns an Alfa, please chime in.

Car and Driver owned their Alfa which had all the problems. It isn’t internet FUD.

I agree C&D had issues with their car. I agree other people have had issues with Alfa’s. My point was most people commenting are repeating other people’s information, not first hand experience. Also if I remember correctly C&D’s car was an early 18 500hp Quadrifoglio, and they had a lot of wait for parts issues.

My original point was cars have issues: Porsche IMS bearings, MB AMG head bolts, etc. Most of the issues are not this dramatic, and the dealer fixes it, and we move on. Alfa on the other hand just shoots themselves in the head by taking a normal problem and making it worse buy not having parts or a tech that can fix the problem quickly.

Again my opinion and experience: number of issues with Alfa’s currently, about the same as other cars. Alfa’s ability to solve issues in a way that doesn’t piss people off, way substandard. Your experience as an Alfa and BMW owner may be different.

Yes, all automobile manufacturers have issues. No one has said that they haven’t.

The question is: “Does Alfa-Romeo have issues at a greater rate than other manufacturers?”

The answer is “Yes. In fact, AR has them at a much, much greater rate than any other manufacturer. And when they have them, it takes longer to fix them.”

I wish it wasn’t true. But the facts on the ground are that AR’s reliability is extremely poor, compared to other manufactures. And it isn’t close. That isn’t FUD or internet rumor.