Alfa Romeo January Deals!

Yes, I am starting my post as I usually do by thanking the community for helping me win salesman of the month for December. That is 12 straight months at the top and I could not be more thankful, but the year is over and it’s time to get rolling again. Programs have changed this month, but I promise to still be as aggressive as I can, so if anyone wants an aggressive deal without any BS or the bait and switch game please contact me. You can email me @ or call/text 814-504-0544 . Also, if everyone could answer these questions when requesting a quote it would make things much easier on me and help me provide an even quicker quote.

My promise still stays the same. I won’t waste anyone’s time and promise only to provide accurate information and exploit exceptional customer service. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

• Full name and address with zip-code
• Who is your Employer? Spouses employer? I will personally check to see if your employer qualifies for Affiliate rewards. This is a chance for you to save more money.
• Can you tell me your color preferences and equipment preferences for your new car? You can also go to our website and select a Stock number that works best for you.
• How many miles a year do you need?
• Do you currently lease any FCA vehicles? If it’s a lease, when does the lease end and who is is Leased through? Do you own/lease a Maserati, Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln or Porsche? Again, if it’s a Lease please let me know when it ends and who it’s leased through.

It’s very important that I get all of these questions answered to provide Quick and Accurate quotes.

Thanks again for the opportunity

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Do you ship to NJ or you have stock in NJ?

Yes, as I average 6-10 deals a month in NY/NJ. I use a company named United Routes to ship down that way. Right now they about $78-$850 to ship that way, but I have had some NJ/NY clients claim they can find cheaper shipping, like Montway for example. I just use United Routes because I have over 50 times with no issues. Hope this helps.