Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport

the quote uploaded is for 10k but I got more information on residuals and MF

btw the salesman said this is for 0 due at signing. I’m not sure if NJ taxes were accounted for but dealer is in PA and I’m in NJ.


10k .13
12k .55
15k .05 - numbers look weird, I assume these are APR?


10k 60%
12k 59%
15k 58%

How does this deal look? should I push for more discount?

also the dealer is 400 miles away so could add some complication with getting rid of my old car (own outright). don’t want to drive it 400 miles incase the offer is too low. from what I’ve seen NJ dealers are hard to get these prices,

another thing is that 39 months looks better than 24. I thought 24 months were the best for Giulias but I guess they are pushing 36/39 now.

Get them to check Ally financing. 24 months with Ally are the best deals.

I thought Chrysler is slightly better.

I think that may generally be the case, but all the great recent deals were 24mo Ally deals. In socal, only dealers who use Ally could compete. Much higher residual. Typically Ally has high MF, but they don’t right now on these cars.

thanks I will see what company they are quoting. Is it reasonable to push for 15-16% before incentives? there is a similar car near me, only difference is it has the sunroof. going to see what happens with them as well, then I won’t have to worry about a 400 mile distance

You’re already at 14% off. That looks very good to me (the good socal deals like mine were ~$42-42.5k selling on a $50k MSRP) so you’re close. You might get another 1-2% at a stretch.

Major issue is the financing though, it’s nowhere near as good as before.

do you mean the residuals? the money factors seem pretty good. And I always thought the residuals were crap haha

When did you get yours?

In general, the combo, but yes assuming those are APRs, it’s the residuals. As I noted above Ally has good residuals in general, but usually screw you on MF. They just happen to be much better right now. I got mine April 30.

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thanks how are you liking it so far? I loved my test drive even though the police closed the windy road I was going to go on… lol

did you get any wheel and tire insurance? I looked around and it seems Pirelli warranties the tires but they do seem pretty low profile

I adore the car, it’s a blast to drive when I want to, and comfortable the rest of the time (although I got the Ti Lusso + Ti Performance Pack).

No wheel and tire insurance. Since I have a 24mo/15k lease I’ll definitely need new tires, so just swapped out the all-season run flats for good summer tires for now. When they’re toast I’ll put the all-seasons back on and use them until turn-in.

I’m working on stelvio base with salespeople and they all use ally. I’m wondering what’s the current mf and rv.

I’m not a track rat or anything so didn’t think I need the performance pack. I will still put it through its paces though. for the wheel/tire I mean like if a pothole destroys a wheel. But I try to avoid them. I might drive on the stock tires until about 5/32 then switch to continental DWS or something since it’s going to be my only car.

Residual values are available on Ally’s website. For June:

MF is a little harder to track down.

Edit: according to the link above and looking at 2018 models both Giulia and Stelvio are 68% for base, 64% for Ti @ 24mo/15k. 12k adds 1%, 10k adds 2%.

AWD models are 65% base / 63% Ti, same mileage modification.


it says I’m not authorized to view lol

but the ones I was quoted seem consistent with what I have seen

No idea why you can’t view, it’s an external facing website (I have no special access).

Try starting here:

You want the upper right one for “June '18 to TBD”.


it’s possibly my work firewall but I usually get a different message. I’ll try at home

I fixed my RV numbers above, misread the tables the first time.

One more reply for now, RVs have definitely dropped ~2% since April when I bought w/ Ally, but are still pretty good (should still be better than Chrysler Capital as long as MF is still reasonable).

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Why would you have a different MF for 10/12/15 miles ??
10k .13
12k .55
15k .05

Ally has higher RV but I don’t think he would get the $2,750 lease rebate if he goes with Ally as oppose to FCA finance.