Aggressive BMW Dealers in the South?

This forum has helped me a ton on my leases, and I’m trying to help out a friend coming out of a bad X5 lease. I know there are great BMW deals to be had in SoCal, but I was wondering if anyone has had any success with dealers in the South? I’d appreciate any recommendations or contacts.


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If you’re in GA, Global BMW and United BMW seems to have a good stock of demos/loaners.

south is a big area…i’d consider shipping from CA if not too far like AZ etc

My bad. I guess I naturally think of “the South” as the area that I live. I’m talking about Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi. CA would be a bit of a haul. This guy I’m helping isn’t a hackr, and shipping from that far would probably seem daunting. I got my E300 loaner from Chicago ($381 per month), so I get casting a wide net.

Thanks. I’ve reached out to both. Global is a Sonic dealer, and they’re always a bit weird stepping away from their one-price model.

shipping is prob $1000. over 36 mo is $27/mo.

If it was me, I’d be shipping from CA for sure.

Georgia has TAVT af valorem tax where u have to put 7% of the cost of price of the vehicle. I wonder if in this case you’d pay CA and GA tax :thinking:

We’re in TN, so shouldn’t be subject to the TAVT. Thanks though.

you don’t pay tax twice, you pay tax according to where you register

Georgia no longer taxes the full sales price. Governor Deal changed that effective January 1

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Roadshow BMW, in Memphis, typically has a good deal of loaner cars.

Depending on what you’re looking for BMW of Columbia seems like they’re trying to do some deals based on what my friend has been seeing on the x3 m40i.

As someone living in Memphis, will be curious to see what you come across. I’ve struggled to even come close to a decent deal here.

same in Nashville…

Try Jason at BMW of Pembroke Pines. I went with an Audi instead of a BMW but he was the most competitive and very responsive. Text him. 786-267-4266

i live in so cal and even deals right now are few in between

Does anyone have a good dealer contact at United BMW? Thank you.

I was a customer for 8 years there…my contacts are all gone but I PM’d you the name of a good salesperson and the sales manager too.
Also check BMW of Gwinnett Place (its the sister dealership and they share inventory)

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